Carrie Brownstein Never Came Out as Gay/Lesbian; Doesn't Mean She Never Had a Girlfriend

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Carrie Brownstein Never Came Out as Gay/Lesbian; Doesn't Mean She Never Had a Girlfriend

Shielding the truth is not a wise choice; making the falsified story might be one way to cover the fact, but it leans you towards horrified situation rather than making it stable. So, putting your mouth sealed is extremely safer than creating a lie.

The above-mentioned outline amply justifies the situation of Carrie Brownstein, the most highlighted singer and guitarist of the rock band 'Sleater-Kinney'; as she remains mute while revealing her sexual orientation and legitimacy of her lesbian dating relationships.

Despite the rumors that spread regarding Carrie's dating relationship, the hype slopes down without achieving a valid resolution. So let 's patrol to find out if she is attracted to somebody as of now!

Carrie Brownstein: Having Excursion With Bisexual Relationship

Although Carrie Brownstein, who expanded her career by acting in sketch-comedy show 'Portlandia,' she hasn't stated legally about her sexuality and her unfolded thing is no more private. It won't be new to cite that she was in a relationship with an enormous number of girls.

During the summer of 2015, Carrie Brownstein was rumored to be in a dating relationship with Taylor Schilling. However, the Taylor slammed the rumor while talking to the 'Peoples Magazine' by admitting that,

I don’t like dating. It takes a lot for me to be into somebody

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Apart from Taylor, Carrie Brownstein was in a relationship with the young lady St. Vincent, who is also a well-known musician. They were speculated as a couple back in 2012.

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Carrie, who stepped her front leg on literature by publishing 'Hunger, Makes Me a Modern Girl,' gave plenty of surprises as she was spotted spending a lot of time with Abbi Jacobson's dog. Moreover, the images Carrie and Abbi share depicts their relationship to be more than just friends.


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Moreover, Carrie Brownstein, who trademarked her sexy moves while playing guitar, spent some quality time with her bandmate, Corin Tucker. They were first introduced to each other at the Evergreen State College, and it won't be breathtaking to say, Corin is also a bisexual, and lately, got married to filmmaker Lance Bangs.

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Despite the sparkling relationship between Carrie and Corin, they detached to each other without revealing the reason behind it.  

Carrie Brownstein confessed the same while addressing her career and her new memoir to 'The Advocate,' where she spoke,

 “I didn’t think or know if I was gay; dating Corin was just something that had happened.”

Despite that, she was captured with her girlfriend Corin in Rookie's Mag's on July 2015 after they closed touring on Sleater-Kinney.

As of now, Carrie seems busy with the eighth and final season of Portlandia since IFC network has already released its trailer.

She was spotted with Fred Armisen during the interview conducted by 'The Times.' They are ever public's favorite couple, but Carrie confirmed that they are in a romantic relationship, but not in a sexual one. The ambiguous comment made the public subsequently more curious.

However, it is assured that they are no more than friends and co-workers in the project!