Chad Rogers's Girlfriend: Is He Dating Someone? Or Is He Gay? Also Married Life and Wife

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Chad Rogers's Girlfriend: Is He Dating Someone? Or Is He Gay? Also Married Life and Wife

Having gained popularity at an early age, Chad Roger’s seems to be a television personality loved by all. He is one of the star fellows who has a whopping amount of followers in social medias.

Despite having a large number of fan followers, does he have any secret followers whom he adores like anyone? Or is gay? So, for all the well wishers of Chad Roger’s we are making few discloses about his relationship status, sexual orientation, and his current date.

Dating Someone : Who is his Girlfriend?

In 18th May 2010, the star confirmed the news of his break up with his girlfriend Victoria Salisbury, the senior designer of Chan Luu.The news of his dating the women along with break up came into limelight in the show of The Real Deal.

Caption: Chad Roger with his ex-girlfriend Victoria Salisbury at the world premiere of Smoking Aces(18th January 2007)


.As the star has revealed about his break up in the year 2010, no information about his dating period and dating event have been disclosed, so the question of his dating period and the reason for the split up still remains a suspense for all his fans. Similarly, to further clarify about the break up a million buck star answers question laid by his fan about his post-breakup on 7th September 2012.

"We broke up 2 1/2 years ago. I'm here with my girlfriend." He broke up and is still with is girlfriend; what does this mean? Is he involved with someone now? Looking for the answer to this question we peeked into his Instagram and twitter account looking back into the timeline and found our assumption to be true. Yes, he definitely is with someone and as stated by him in his Instagram post, her name is Carly.


Candid shot of Carly and me...

A photo posted by Chad Rogers (@chadrogerstv) on

Caption: Chad Roger with his girlfriend Carly

Later one of his fans asked him who Carly was through twitter.

His reply to this question was,

What a relief it was as he finally confirmed his relationship with the lady via his tweets while answering to a fan. However, the name Cary has been another mystery laid out by the star.

Besides this, no other of relationship information has been disclosed by the star and has hence kept his followers in the guessing mode about his new found love. Maybe the star wants to have her all or maybe protecting his lady love from all the staring eyes like a possessive man.But instead of clearing the existing confusion the star has added another layer to it by mentioning the detail about living at her place.

Later, he again mentioned his girlfriend in an interview published in Dogster on 28th April 2014 but still not who she actually is.

"My girlfriend at the time and I decided to get a dog. I was living at her place and it was a condo, so it wasn’t a large enough space for a big dog, like a Labrador or Golden Retriever, which I had always wanted. I compromised and decided to get a long-haired Chihuahua, but the deal was that we would both have to agree on the right Chi.

Well, this surely seems to be a kind of maze created by the star for his fan. Beside his breakup and new relationship, he has not disclosed any details of his current relationship status. So, we are not even sure whether the star is still in a relationship with the girl named Carly or is he in a new relationship or is secretly enjoying his married life with his new found love or quietly living in a live relation with her girl away from the eyes of media and his fans. Anything might happen after all he has kept his fans away from the truth.

Well, by looking at all his dating history he does not seem to be a man having an interest in any man. Also, no information of him being involved with any other male partner or having a different sexual orientation has been disclosed in the media. So he must be having a straight sexual orientation and not a gay.

Chad Roger's Short Bio:

Chad Roger was born on 5th April 1977 in Malibu, California, USA. He attended the university called the University of Denver for his education.He graduated with a Business degree and minor in Finance.

He is a part of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. He is also a blogger and keeps his personal blog up to date by posting few entries frequently. He is a Real Estate Broker and has earned name and fame through his brokerage ability.

He has also been giving lectures and seminars at the University of Redlands, The Learning Annex NYC, and Success 101 Speakers Series. His advice has also been featured in Forbes and other renowned publications.

Every year he also participates in the EIF Revlon Run/Walks for Woman. Since 1999 he is an agent of producer Rick Hilton's firm Hilton and Hyland. He has an estimated net worth of $10million.