Charlie Hamblett Bio: Status With Girlfriend - End Or Engaged?

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Charlie Hamblett Bio: Status With Girlfriend - End Or Engaged?

The British actor, Charlie Hamlet, might be new to the entertainment industry but he has landed some convincing roles in some TV series including Steve in The Secret Agent and Mickey Yates in Babylon.

Well, besides his acting credits, the star has not flaunted much about his personal life which has raised curiosity among the audience. If you too are interested to find out more information about the rising star then keep reading, as, in this session, we present you with a full biography of the promising actor!

Charlie Hamblett's Muted Biography

Charlie, who has gained a lot of popularity among fans, has surface only least information about his personal life in the eyes of media including his birthday, height and family.

Though the actor has kept his personal life at bay, his professional life is on the rise. In fact, he is on his way to stardom.

With his convincing role in some of the television series, Charlie has grabbed the attention of many audiences. For instance, in the television version of Macbeth, he portrayed the role of Malcolm. Charlie also landed a supporting role as Stevie in the 2016's British series, The Secret Agent. 

Likewise, he was also starred in a 2014 TV mini-series called Babylon as Mickey. Moreover, he was seen in the 2018's series, Killing Eve as Sebastian.

Taking a closer look at the recent years, it seems that Charlie is fully focused on building his career rather than flaunting his details in the social media.

Overlook On Charlie Hamblett's Love Life

Besides his private life, the actor has frequently been highlighted in the media because of his love-life. As per reports, the actor was dating the Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley back in 2014.

The young lovebird was first spotted celebrating the New Year's Eve together. And after a couple of years in 2016, they were seen together on multiple occasions.

Likewise, the actress was seen sharing an adorable picture on Instagram with Charlie on 4th January 2016. 

Daisy with his actor boyfriend Charlie (Photo: Daisy Ridley's Instagram)

Most notably, The Telegraph stated that Daisy is said to be engaged to her actor-boyfriend, Charlie Hamblett. But the news about their engagement never made it to the headline as the couple never affirmed the news. 

Likewise, Charlie and his beautiful brunette girlfriend were spotted strolling on the streets of Hampstead back in January 2016. The couple is indeed close to each other as the actress was seen caressing Charlie's bottom while crossing the road.

However, the couple made their last appearance in the London's Soho area in their casual outfits, back in February 2016. And since then, it appears that their romance has fizzled out as the couple was not spotted in public, and it seemed the couple parted their ways silently.

But the news about the end of the relationship was confirmed after Daisy was spotted holding hands with another mystery man in NYC at the end of 2016. Since the end of his two years of relationship, Charlie is not seen indulging in any romantic relationship, so it seems he started focusing on his career rather than getting involved in romantic relationships.

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