Charlie Tahan Rocking The Movies With His Sibling: Is He Dating Someone?

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Charlie Tahan Rocking The Movies With His Sibling: Is He Dating Someone?

Talent has no boundaries or age bar. Regardless of their tender age or old age, if someone has talent and can present it, he/she is considered as a talented person.

Same goes to Charlie Tahan who has presented his acting skill at a very young age. While other kids were busy playing, Charlie was working on improving his skills through which he now has an established career as an actor.

Apart from Charlie, his siblings are very talented too. In fact, his sister Daisy is an actress herself. It will not be wrong to say that the Tahan's siblings are truly gifted with talent as they have achieved a lot in their teenage.

Rocking The Movies With His Sibling:

After successfully portraying the role of Ethan In I Am Legend which stars famous actor Will Smith in the lead role, there was no turning back for Charlie as he acted back to back on many movies and TVs shows.

And following his footstep, his sibling sister has also taken acting as her professional career and was seen in little Fockers which had stars like Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, and Jessica Alba. After that, Daisy too has many movies and TVs show in her kitty.

Charlie has a bright future in acting like most of his co-star praises him for his acting skill and friendly relation with other actors on set. In fact, on an interview with Collider on 2010, his co-actor and Hollywood fame, Zac Efron had said:

 We had fun. We had a blast. We tried to have fun and just do stuff off of the set. We went to hockey games and did a bunch of sports stuff. We played catch every day and just got that rhythm. It was fun.

Caption: Zac Efron & Charlie Tahan  Interview about their movie Charlie St. Cloud

There is no doubt that the siblings are lighting up the big screen and rocking into movies with so many appreciations and acknowledgment by other senior actors. Back in 2008, the sibling duo acted on a TV commercial for T-Mobile, and their chemistry and cuteness were worth watching.

Here is the video clip when the siblings worked together.

Caption: Charlie and Daisy on commercial of T-Mobile @ Home commercial on 2008

On an interview given to on 2010, Daisy has showered a lot of praises on her brother and also marked how good he can act in coming future. Daisy said:

"I love how he can do all different kinds of emotions, I'm not as good at that,"

Having talented children is what makes the parent proud. Ellie and Michael, who are parents of Charlie and Daisy, have always supported their children's passion for acting. Along with helping them maintain their professional career, they are also keen on the maintenance of their personal life as they want their teenage children to have a healthy life. 

On the same interview Charlie mother Ellie said:

"They don't live extravagantly at all. They play with friends locally and are not overscheduled. Only one extracurricular activity," 

Is He Dating Someone, Girlfriend?

Having a successful career in acting, we wonder who Charlie is dating but to our surprise, there has been no clue who is Charlie’s girlfriend. However, Charlie is extremely friendly in maintaining good relation with his co-actress and is often seen taking the picture with them on various occasions. 

We can see a picture of Charlie and his co-actress being cozy at an event as posted by one of Charlies fan. She has posted this on actor Twitter 

As of now, we can say Charlie has not announced officially that he is dating or have any girlfriend. The reason may be his absolute focus on his professional career. 

Charlie's Short Bio:

Charlie, who was born on June 11, 1998, in Glen Rock, New Jersey, is an American actor by profession. He had his first commercial appearance for Citibank when he was 4. He is best known for  "I Am Legend(2007)," "Blue Jasmine (2013)" and "Charlie St. Cloud (2010)."  

He was also seen in Wayward Pines (TV Series) since 2015 to this year. Charlie has a long way to go in his professional career and sharpen his acting skills. By looking at his past works, we can say his future is bright on Hollywood.