Charlotte Le Bon Metaphorically Married to Her Career; Left Boyfriend For It!

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Charlotte Le Bon Metaphorically Married to Her Career; Left Boyfriend For It!

Celeb's love life is what, eager fans, would want to know about all day and one of the beautiful actresses, Charlotte Le Bon is no exception. Le Bon has provided less information about her love life keeping her dating affairs fairly private, which is why the curiosity heightens even more.

So, today let's discover what's hidden behind the secret dating life of Charlotte Le Bon down below, who once left boyfriend for pursuing her career!

Charlotte Le Bon’s Love is Her Career!

Charlotte Le Bon, back in 2005 when she was already a model at the age of 19, had a boyfriend as well. Ben, the emerging model, hid everything about her dating life at the time including her boyfriend's identity and dating timeline.

However, in the same year, 2005, Le Bon left everything; her modeling career, her boyfriend, parents, hometown (Montreal) and moved to Paris for the sake of her career. Recalling the incident back in 2015, she expressed,

“I didn’t know what to expect. I left all my family and friends and my boyfriend. I remember being on the plane and crying — all my body wanted to stay in Montreal but something was just calling me overseas. I took a large risk and then ... everything happened.”

Moving to Paris turned the luck for Le Bon, as she built her career in Paris starting the work of weather girl in French TV channel, "Canal+." However, Le Bon was not spotted with anyone romantically or even rumored to have a boyfriend after she moved to Paris. 

Later, while portraying the role of Annie in the movie "The Walk" (2015), she gave an interview where she related her on-screen character with real life regarding love. She explained,  

“So Annie met this extremely charming guy with a very ambitious dream and he was so sure of what he wanted that I think she fell in love with the man and the dream — until it was over. At the end, you’ll see she decides to go lead her own life ... It’s important for women to see that you can follow somebody you love so this person can achieve his dream, but it’s important to find your own afterwards.”

Well, that's exactly what Le Bon did when she moved to Paris leaving her lover behind. For somebody who made the bold move to nurture her career in her teenage, she remained entirely inclined towards building her career, and it can indeed be said that Charlotte is metaphorically married to her job until she finds herself her husband.

Considering her long list of movies and TV works, Le Bon is all focused on giving further best projects for the audiences to enjoy. However, aside from her career, we also cannot rule out the fact that the actress might have kept a secret affair all along.  

Well, everything boils down to an actress for her dating affairs, and until she is ready to give the good news, it is better to wait and watch. Who knows, she might come up with the jovial news shortly. 

More About Charlotte Le Bon:

Charlotte Le Bon was born on September 4th of 1986, to the actor parents;  Brigitte Paquette and Richard Le Bon.

She began modeling at sixteen and started working overseas for modeling at the age of nineteen. She modeled professionally for eight years and later, landed the job at Le Grand Journal as the weather girl.

Charlotte debuted in the comedy movie, Astérix & Obélix: Au service de Sa Majesté (2012) and portrayed her acting abilities on the films like “Mood Indigo,” “The Big Bad Wolf, "The Walk," "The Hundred-Foot Journey," "The Promise" etc. 

Moreover, she was nominated for a Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as the muse of Yves Saint Laurent, Victoire Doutreleau, in 2014's 'Yves Saint Laurent.'

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