Chris Wragge, Divorced in 2009 With His Wife, Married to Girlfriend Sarah in 2015

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Chris Wragge, Divorced in 2009 With His Wife, Married to Girlfriend Sarah in 2015

Even after many unsuccessful attempts in love, people manage to find someone who is genuinely in love with them. With some people it takes many attempts in love whereas with some, it only takes one or two attempts.

Like some people, Chris Wragge American news anchor also managed to find his soulmate after several tries in love. Chris is now happily married to Sarah Siciliano with their baby son.

Chris Wragge's Married Life, Wife and Divorce History:

Caption: Chris Wragge with ex-wife Victoria Silvstedt


Chris Wragge met Victoria Silvstedt when Chris interviewed Victoria for Entertainment Tonight. The couple got engaged in 1998 and got married on 10th June 2000. They separated when photographs were revealed of Victoria with another man in Sardinia, a large island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Following the surfaced photos of Victoria with another man, Chris and Victoria threatened to sue the network. Sky News was the network that revealed Victoria's photos in an article on the internet. Even though the couple threatened to sue Sky News, no legal action was taken. But Sky News did remove the page. Before this news appeared on the internet, Victoria and Chris were happy about them being together.

The couple could be seen taking several vacations together, and we could see their love, as they used to be all Lovey Dovey. After the photograph incident, their relationship took a drastic turn. The couple's relationship never really recovered after the incident. The incident caused more and more issues in their relationship causing the couple's separation in 2007. And this led to divorce in 2009.  

Chris Wragge's Marriage With Sarah Wragge:


Here's to one down baby cakes. Thanks for the best year of my life...I love you with all my ??. @chriswragge

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Caption: Chris Wragge with his wife, Sarah Wragge

Chris Wragge is currently married to his girlfriend of 1 year Sarah Siciliano. Chris Wragge and Sarah Siciliano started dating in 2015. The couple married on 19th July 2015. After marrying Chris Sarah, Siciliano changed her surname in Instagram to Wragge.

When we go through their Instagram pictures, it is clear that they are happily married to each other. The couple can be seen exchanging love through Instagram. Now that they have been married for a year, the couple decided to add another source of happiness in their life. Sarah gave to an adorable baby boy on 26th August 2016. 

Feeling overjoyed over the arrival of their baby, Chris posted on Facebook saying, "He's here!! After 26 hours of hard labour. Our main little man Christian Price Wragge II entered this world at 9:57 p.m [Thhursday] weighing in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces. He has been an angel since his first scream."

With their son in this world, the couple is beyond happy. Chris is proud to be a father and loves posting his son's pictures on Instagram. Chris and Sarah are in a gay disposition to have the opportunity to be parents.


The two greatest ??'s of my life. @wraggemama & CHRISTIANPRICEWRAGGE II. Both are doing beautifully. 7lb 15oz 21 inches

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After his many unsuccessful love attempts, Chris has finally found the one he can enjoy life with. Sarah has been the love of Chris's life since 2015. Now that the couple is happy with each other and their adorable baby boy, we hope it will be so in the future as well. Chris and Sarah can be seen enjoying their life through their Instagram posts. 

Though the couple has been married and has a son, there is no description about when exactly the couple started dating. Even though Chris has been rumoured to be together with many girls, there aren't all the names of women he was rumoured with. He was once rumoured to be romantically involved with Alycia Lane, an anchor for CBS' Philadelphia when he was still married to Victoria Silvstedt. Chris and Victoria were separated but not divorced at the time Chris started dating Alycia.

Chris Wragge's Short Bio:

Christian P. Wragge was born on 19th June 1970 in Hackensack, New Jersey. Wragge is an American news anchor raised in Rutherford. He attended Mahwah High School in New Jersey where he was a footballer.

He's exceptional football playing earned him a scholarship to the University of New Hampshire. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication. Wragge is currently an anchor for New York's CBS2 This Morning, and CBS2 news at the noon. He is currently married to Sarah Siciliano. The couple has one son together.