Christopher Sean Is Not Gay! Flaunts Dating Affair With Girlfriend On Instagram

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Christopher Sean Is Not Gay! Flaunts Dating Affair With Girlfriend On Instagram

When you portray a gay role on screen with high precision, people often speculate and call you are a real life gay as gay characters are not so easy to represent for straight men.

"Hawaii Five-0" star Christopher Sean shares a similar story as he has played an on-screen gay so flawlessly, people often mistake him for being on the gay side in real life as well.

However, he belongs to the straight side and has been flaunting his love life, which includes his girlfriend, and that has ultimately shut the gay rumors that often surrounded him. 

So let us have a look at his love life and also take a look at how he managed to play a gay role with such fine art.

Christopher Sean As A Gay On-screen:

Christopher had played a gay scene in one of his most successful projects "Days of Our Lives" and that often led people to wonder if he is an off-screen gay as well.

Guy Wilson and Christopher were involved in a steamy sex scene in "Days of Our Lives." The two, who portrayed Will Horton and Paul Narita respectively ended up having sex in Paul's hotel room.

Wilson elaborated the scene and the experience in such words,

‘What was interesting was that in doing a lot of the lovemaking scenes with Freddie – because the characters of Sonny and Will were in love – it’s so easy and kind of comes naturally – especially since Freddie and I have a natural rapport.

He then added,

But doing these scenes with Christopher Sean, they more or less come from a primal place of lust. As a straight man, I had to really approach it in a different way. I realize this is a different relationship than what Will has with Sonny so what Freddie and I do to prepare for those scenes is completely different.

 Wilson further continued,

‘So for Christopher Sean and I to get ready to do these very lusty sexual scenes, it was coming from a place that I had never come from before as a professional performer. We were insecure about it coming off as authentic and that it would be believable because it’s just different for us in terms of how we live our lives.’

 Christopher also said,

They said, “Are you comfortable playing a gay role?” And I said, “Yes!” I talked to my manager about it. He was like “Listen; at the end of the day, it’s a very controversial thing to play a professional athlete who is coming out.” And so for me, to be able to be a part of the gay right movement, seriously, it’s like “Wow!”

Caption: Guy Wilson and Christopher Sean get intimate In Days Of Our Lives. (Published on December 14, 2015)

The scene was played with literally no fuss, and thus, the fans called him a real life gay. But he is less likely to be a gay as he is dating a female and has a girlfriend in his life and is flaunts their relationship all over the social media.

Christopher Sean And His Relationship With His Girlfriend:

Christopher has been dating Laneya Arvizu, a model, and an actress for a long time now. Although the two have not spoken much about the tenure of their relationship, they are reportedly dating since 2014, and the two have been flaunting their love all over social sites like Instagram and Twitter.


@cape_usa #mixer #asianamericans in the industry. @mrchristophersean #japanese #actor

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Sean also calls her 'his dream" and this post from him shows how much love the two have.

Also, this picture taken on their second anniversary is adorable to see.

By the looks of it, a celebrity wedding may be on its way!

Bless you, Laneya and Christopher!

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Christopher Sean:

Born on October 29, 1985, in Oak Harbor, Washington, United States, Christopher Sean, also known as Christopher Friel is an actor who is best known for his role on CBS's "Hawaii Five-0" where he played Gabriel Waincroft. He is equally famous for his role in "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" as Bing Lee.

Speaking of his parents, he is the son of Patrick and Sayuri Friel. His father is of Irish, German and Spanish descent while his mother is Japanese and that makes him a man of mixed ethnicity.

Well, you might want to stay with us if you do not want to miss anything about this mixed ethnicity actor!