Cicely Tyson Glances Back At Married Life With Now-Dead Jazz Legend Husband; Has Any Children?

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Cicely Tyson Glances Back At Married Life With Now-Dead Jazz Legend Husband; Has Any Children?

When people die and leave this earth, their physical presence is gone, but they remain alive in the thoughts and memories of their loved ones. The same can be said about famous American actress, Cicely Tyson who has her deceased husband's memories in her heart. 

So let us take a look back at what her marital life was with her now dead husband. 

Cicely Looks Back at her Relationship with her deceased Husband:

Cicely, who is a famous actress and is known all around the world was married to her late husband, the jazz icon Miles Davis. Davis and Cicely got married in the year 1981. In an exclusive and rare sit-down with CNN, she discussed her marital life with Davis and called the marriage between the two gifted personnel, "tumultuous." 

Caption: Cicely talks about her relationship with her deceased husband Davis with CNN.

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Cicely and Davis were married for seven years before they separated from one another in 1988. Also, the jazz icon passed away sadly on September 28, 1991, in Santa Monica, CA, USA, leaving behind a legend and inspiring several upcoming young musicians to look up to. 

There were rumors of violence against Cicely Tyson, as well as infidelity during their relationship but despite that, Cicely said she cherished every moment with Davis. 

Cicely said in her words,

“I don’t really talk about it. No, I don’t. But I will say this. I cherish every single moment that I had with him.”

“But they say it was tumultuous, that it was difficult.”

“What do they know? They are assuming that it was because of the kind of reputation that they perceived was this man. You know? I knew a side–”

“The reputation wasn’t good. The alcoholism, the drugs, that he was abusive to you–”

It is not easy to get over someone who we have loved and have spent years of our life. And thus, it may not have been easy for Cicely as well to get over the thoughts of Davis, and as a result, she decided not to marry after her relationship with Davis. 

Moreover, for those who wonder is she has any children in her life, the answer might be a no as she neither had a baby with Davis, nor was she indulged in any relationship after her marriage ended. People often speculate her having a daughter, but this is yet to be verified and confirmed by the actress herself. 

A Complete Winner:

You might assume that someone who has been in the industry for this long must have accomplished a lot in her career and so she has. Cicely Tyson has been able to receive several awards and honors for what she has done in her professional life. She has been nominated for plenty of awards in her career, but she has also won quite a few of them.

She famously won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Special in the year 1994 for her role in "Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All." Also, back in 1974, she won the Best Lead Actress in a Drama for "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman" and both of these were at the Primetime Emmy Awards. 

Now with all that she has accomplished in her career, she has also done her financial life the world of good. As a result, she has an incredible net worth of $10 million.