Claudia Kim From Avengers Dating? Boyfriend To Parents Details - Revealed!

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Claudia Kim From Avengers Dating? Boyfriend To Parents Details - Revealed!

Claudia Kim From Avengers Dating? Boyfriend To Parents Details - Revealed!

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South Korean actress Claudia Kim is known for her character Helen Cho in Marvel's Age Of Ultron and Netflix series Marcopolo.

The secretive actress gives little away to the media about her affairs and love life, which has left all her fans in the dark about whether the actress is married or just dating.

The beautiful actress, who had both the genes and beauty tips passed onto her from her mother, is one of the most searched actresses because her personal life has remained a mystery. 

Striking Resemblance In Reel And Real Life

The South Korean actress portrayed Mongol Princess Khutulun in the Netflix original series Marcopolo, which endeared her to the western fans.

The role fitted Claudia in many ways, bold and beautiful in real life, Claudia portrayed the character of a fearless princess with lofty ambitions.

Likewise, princess Khutulun was a superb warrior, able to sneak into the enemy ranks and snatch captives with ease. And in real life, Claudia, with a height of 1.77 meters (5 feet and 9 and a half inches) is every bit a warrior as Khutulun.

With a burgeoning career at South Korea, she left the comforts of home and struggled to establish herself in the big pond, Hollywood.

Claudia Kim as Khutulun in Netflix's Marcopolo (Photo:

Another similarity Claudia bears with Khutulun is the relatively obscure personal life. As per legends, Khutulun was married to her boyfriend, Persian ruler Ghazan. However, Khutulun's husbands' identity has been a source of mystery and a much talked about subject. 

And similar is the case with the lady who played Khutulun in Marcopolo. Claudia Kims's dating life and the identity of her boyfriend has remained hidden from the public eyes. The shy actress has not confessed her love to anyone publicly and to the outer world, it seems as if she is focused on her career. 

With her Hollywood career taking a big leap from Series Marcopolo to Marvel's Age of Ultron, the actress' career is on the rise. The actress was part of blind auditions for the role of Helen Cho in Age of Ultron and finally bagged the role after undergoing three tests. 

And with Age of Ultron came fame which might have led her to focus on her career. Getting married and settling down with her husband could be the last thing on her mind at the moment. 

Love To Parents, Beautiful BodyGuard

Claudia was born as Kim Soo-Hyun, in the South Korean peninsula to Korean parents. The actress of Mongol origin possesses Korean ethnicity which could be the reason behind her beauty.

The actresses' mother had an early influence on her, and it was her mother who inspired her to take care of her skin and rational use of beauty products. The actress confessed in an interview that it was her mother and aunt that would test all the beauty products and then impart the knowledge to her.

The actress further confirmed that in South Korea looking flawless was a necessity and her mother was the biggest reason behind her unparalleled beauty. 

However, it's not just her mother the actress is close to. Claudia is very attached to her father and takes every chance to be with him. The father-daughter duo was recently pictured going to dinner together in an Indian restaurant. 

Claudia Kim attends a dinner together with Father (Photo: Claudia Kim's Instagram)

Another interesting aspect of Claudia's life is her Bodyguard, Kang Ji Yeon who became an overnight celebrity in Korea after she was seen protecting the actress during Marvel's promotional events. Her bodyguard is every bit as beautiful as her, and moreover is a black belt in taekwondo, martial arts, and Hapkido. 

One advice to the fans of the South Korean Heartthrob, 'Just don't go by her body guard's looks she is dangerous.'