Clive Russell Not A Married Man Or Just Keeping His Wife Away From His Limelight?

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Clive Russell Not A Married Man Or Just Keeping His Wife Away From His Limelight?

Getting established in the entertainment industry is not a joke! However, a talented and dedicated actor needs no time to achieve success. You get rewarded for the talent you possess, and usually, it's in the form of fans and followers which gradually increases leaving one with no short of fame.

In this context, let's talk about such personality, who fits the above statement very well. Wondering who we are depicting to? Well, he's none other than the veteran actor Clive Russell.

Seventy-one-year old British actor Clive Russell has been active in the film industry since 1960, and by this time he has achieved immense success and popularity by appearing in a huge number of movies and television series. However, despite being one of the famous and successful actors, Russell has never talked about his personal life openly.

Though you might have a proper knowledge about Russell’s professional life, you might be wondering about Russell’s relationship status, family life and children. But worry not, as we are here to answer all the questions that are running on your mind.

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Clive Russell’s Life Behind The Cameras.

Every person from the showbiz enjoys a personal and professional life, but there are only few who allow us to peek through their daily activities. Russell, who is favorite for portraying tough characters in a husky toned voice, is one who prefers keeping the details regarding his family life inside a closed box.

However, we have come to know that Russell is a family man and is a father of four children. It seems that he has been married twice but hasn’t revealed much information about his marital relationship.

In an article published on 'press reader' on August 2015, it came to light that his second wife is Shelagh, a theatre designer. Well, Russell shares two children with his second wife Shelagh and two children from his first marriage.

Since there is no any information available about Russell’s love life and partner, many people doubted his sexuality. Likewise, his character Ser Brynden (Blackfish) Tully in Game of Thrones was also misunderstood as gay as no wife or child of Blackfish was left behind when he was killed on the show.

In an interview with OK! in April 2017, Russell was asked about Blackfish’s sexuality in GOT, wishing to know whether Blackfish was gay as he never was married. Russell then replied-

"I assumed he was hetoresexual but it works either way, there's nothing that has been done so far or alluded to that says the other way. It's an interesting theory of many, many, many theories of every character in Game of Thrones!"

Caption: Clive Russell’s being Interviewed for Game of Thrones' character, Blackfish. (Published on Oct 31, 2013).

Popular for playing the role of Lord Lovat in Outlander (2016), Russell currently appears in Uncle (2017) portraying the character of Neville with a Scottish accent. His character of Neville is Jane's husband and a father to daughter Sam and son Andy.

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