CloeCouture Talks About Mom and How She's Holding Up Loss Of a Parent! Her Age, Possible Dating Affair and Much More

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CloeCouture Talks About Mom and How She's Holding Up Loss Of a Parent! Her Age, Possible Dating Affair and Much More

CloeCouture is a popular YouTube beauty guru, who is known to have created videos about makeup and fashion. She is young and is talented in what she loves doing.

But she is still very much a mystery to some people who do not know this awesome youtuber. But for her loyal fans; they might know that she does not have her mother in her life now, as she often talks about the sad loss.

However, today, we would like to discuss the life of her in a short wiki-like bio, which includes her age, her real name, and her possible dating affair. 

So let us get going!

A Touching Tribute To Her Mother.

CloeCouture sadly lost her mother in February of 2016 to cancer. 

Losing a close one is a big sorrow, let alone losing one-half of your parents. It's difficult for us, even to imagine, as she often talked about the grief of the tragic loss of her mother.

She has even made a tribute video for her mother, titled "Goodbye Mom" which she announced, via her Instagram.


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The video shows how she has been holding up after the loss of her mother, and it is very touchy. 

Caption: CloeCouture's Tribute To Her Mother. Published on Feb 17, 2016.

We hope that she remains strong as her mother would not want her daughter to fall weak at any point in her life!

More You'd Like To Know About CloeCouture:

Born on June 23, 1997, in Florida, CloeCouture or Cloe Breena(which is her real name) is a famous YouTuber. She is famed for her videos on YouTube about makeups and fashion. She is 20 in age and is really beautiful.

But she is yet to reveal anything about her having a boyfriend. She might be busy with expanding her ever blooming career, while chances are; she could be dating someone but is not willing to disclose any details about her love life to the fans and the media.

However, her work on the internet is proved to be very useful for her followers. They are gaining some dating tips from Cloe's collaboration video with fellow YouTuber, Cameron Dallas.

Caption: Cameron Dallas and CloeCouture: Dating Advice Published on Feb 2, 2017.

The two also combined to enlighten people in knowing; if their crush likes them or not.

Caption: 'How To Tell If Your Crush Like You' Cameron Dallas and CloeCouture, Published on Feb 2, 2017.

Handy tips those!

Cloe, who stands over 1.67 meters in height, also has two siblings; an elder sister named Mia, and a younger sister named Sage.

The Youtuber lives in a spacious and attractive house. She even has given her fans a tour of her house, through "House Tour" video.

Caption: CloeCouture's House Tour Published on Nov 7, 2014.

Let's hope this aspiring Youtuber attains an immense height of success in the future!

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Cloe Breena!