Comedian Cocoa Brown Doesn't Need Husband! Opens Up On Family & Weight Loss

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Comedian Cocoa Brown Doesn't Need Husband! Opens Up On Family & Weight Loss

American stand up comedian, and actress Cocoa Brown made a name for herself as a female black standup comedian, which later led her to roles in the movies, The Single Moms Club and Ted 2.

The UK born comedian always wanted to experience marriage which guided to her husband. The wedding, however, turned sour after a brief period leading to a divorce.

The Charlton native believes that despite her marriage ended; she would not need her husband to raise her son. She had plenty of men in her circle belonging to various ethnicity that could provide a role model for her son. 

Experiencing Marriage and Divorce

Beneath the meticulously prepared punch lines and ever-changing hair colors lies a woman who wants a husband and a family. 

A postgraduate degree holder and a stand-up comedian making a name for herself, Cocoa wanted to experience marriage. So the actress, who possesses Afro-American ethnicity, decided to tie the knot and got married to Brian Ganter at the Virginia Living Museum in Newport. 

In front of 300 guests, the comedian said 'I Do' and exchanged the vows with her husband. Happily married the comedian even flaunted her marital life in Twitter in 2011. However, little did the comedian nor her fans had known about what was to come next. 

Cocoa Brown with husband Brian Ganter and son in 2012 (Photo:

Her marriage hit the rough patch after she got pregnant. And by the time she was busy filming for Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club she had already been estranged from her husband. Whats more, by the time her movie came out she finally divorced without mentioning the reason for her split. 

Cocoa revealed in 2014 that she loved being married but she hated her marriage. And she felt that her marriage was rendering her static, in fear of being a baby mama. That was the reason she walked away from her husband. 

Son Has All The Support

The irony in Cocoa's life had never been evident as she was shooting the movie, The Single Moms Club. Cocoa had a husband and was expecting a child when she was roped in for the role. However, by the time the movie came out she had finalized her divorce, and as the film suggested, she was a single mom after the birth of son Phoenix. 

The movie taught her a lot about single moms, and she wised up to the fact that being a single mom was not to be ashamed of, but a virtue to be admired. 

And the comedian, who enjoys a net worth of $500Ks, is confident that her son will not be raised devoid of men in his life. Cocoa has a long list of men she calls brothers, which meant that his son could look up to her brothers and never be short on role models.

Cocoa Brown celebrating son Phoenix's birthday on 21 May 2018 (photo: Cocoa Brown's Instagram)

She said to Huffington Post in 2014 that she wanted her son to look up to her brothers and call them his dads. She even claimed that whenever the question about his daddy popped up to his son, she wanted him to confidently say that he had numerous uncles who taught him a wide array of subjects and never made him miss about his father. 

The outspoken comedian, who has broken up stereotypes of a single black mom raising up their child, also has spoken up about the misconceptions related with stand up comics.

Weight Loss And Misconceptions

The mother of one opened up to the hosts of the show The Real about the biggest misconception the ordinary people had over stand up comedians. Sporting a leaner look after going up through a weight loss regime which helped her shed more than 50 pounds of fat, she looked dapper as always in the show. 

Cocoa did not reveal whether she had undergone surgery or just maintained a strict diet and exercise regime to augment her weight loss. But the Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse actress spoke about the people's thoughts on comics.

Cocoa Brown after her weight loss in 2017 (Photo:

She shared with the hosts that people felt stand up comedians were happy, always cheerful and smiled. However, she broke the myth saying stand up comedians were tortured souls and were just a razor edge away from breaking down. 

Honest opinion from an honest lady, who has had to do it all herself whether that be breaking grounds for a black female stand up comedians or raising up her son alone as a single mom.