Has Cody Ko Found The Perfect Girlfriend At Such Young Age? His Dating Affair Says YES!

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Has Cody Ko Found The Perfect Girlfriend At Such Young Age? His Dating Affair Says YES!

Sometimes, people spend their entire life struggling to find the perfect match for them. That is how hard finding a next to perfect partner is!

But the same doesn't imply to the young viner and Youtuber Cody Ko, who just seems to be enjoying a flawless relationship with his beautiful girlfriend. Hard to believe us?

Well, you will accurately find, as to why we say such in this short segment dedicated to his love life and his dating affair with his girlfriend.

What Makes Cody Ko's Relationship With Girlfriend a Perfect One? 

Cody Ko is only 26 in age, but he is already blessed with an immaculate girlfriend. People often tend to find it difficult to find their perfect match. But as exception prevails everywhere; Cody and his girlfriend, Kelsey Krepple's relationship is an exception too.

The couple has been dating for quite a time now, and it seems that the flow of their relationship is traveling at the rate of bullets. 

The fans on social media have been feasting upon the photos that the two of them post on numerous occasions.


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Adding more flavor to their relationship is the sense of humor that these two have!


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The duo usually is all smiles being accompanied by one another's company, and it's beautiful just to watch the happiness they express!

Is this not perfect? It just might be!

Moreover, what this relationship between Kelsey and Cody does is, it shoves the gay rumors which often surround Cody, as a gay man would prefer a happy relationship with a male personality and not a female. 

And did you know, Cody is a family man and has involved his family members in his videos and vlogs?

Cody's sister has appeared on his Vine channel while his father and dog have appeared over on his Instagram,


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The father-son duo seems to bond perfectly as well. Here are few glimpses.

Well, Cody indeed is a lucky man, don't you think so?

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