Colleen Lopez Is Enjoying Her Married Life With Husband; Has Children With Him Or Not

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Colleen Lopez Is Enjoying Her Married Life With Husband; Has Children With Him Or Not

For the past 25 plus years, Colleen Lopez has been a respected and recognizable TV personality. She has done it all when it comes to acquiring success and fame in her career. But she also is a great family person and shares a great bond with her husband.

Now let us take a look at her romantic married life and fans often wonder if she has children with her husband so let us find that out as well!

The Married Life of Colleen: Husband, Children

Colleen has been married to her husband, Carlos for more than three decades and still, the romance between them is as it is like it first started, fresh and lovely. She usually does not speak much about her personal life in public, but she usually keeps posting updates on how her marital life is going with her husband.

Her husband does seem to take good care of her. Also, she is seen to be head over heels with her husband and his family.

If you check her Instagram profile, you can see how much they love being with each other. An instance of that was seen when the two were in St.Petersburg for her husband's birthday. 


Hanging out in #stpetersburg with the Birthday Boy! #myguy

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The love between them is impeccable by the look of things. 

Now that we know how much love is there between the two, we take a look at her life as a mother. Does she have children of her own? Well, the answer to that, a definitive "YES" as she is the mother of two sons.

She has always been vocal about how much lucky she is to have her kids in her life over on social medias.

She calls her family her greatest gift. 

Furthermore, one of her sons got married back in 2014, and she took over her Facebook to share her happiness on that very occasion.

Caption: Colleen's son got married back in 2014.

Photo Credit: Colleen's facebook

She described her joy in such words,

 “We’re having the most amazing time! The wedding was gorgeous and it was the greatest night if our lives.”

Congratulations on the very event although we are a bit late!

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Colleen Lopez:

Born on November 3, 1959, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States, Colleen Lopez is an American TV personality who over the past 25 years has made quite the name for herself. She is most famous for being the face of Home Shopping Network which she joined during the early 90's.  Lopez then moved to Tampa/St. Petersburg along with her family in 1994 to join HSN and since then she has been taking America shopping for more than 17 years.

She has also been a motivation for people who have been seeking fitness tips and who are curious about undergoing weight loss. Back in 2012, over on her Facebook, she said,

If your goal is to lose weight this year - here are a few tips. Last year I gave up milk, started eating more fresh fruit and veggies, and cut out white flour....These little changes really made a difference! Check out these food swaps....easy changes for a healthier diet.

 Great advice for anyone willing to shed some pounds.