Colman Domingo Met His Husband At Walgreens? Joining USC School of Dramatic Arts Faculty?

By Arpana Singh | On:
Colman Domingo Met His Husband At Walgreens? Joining USC School of Dramatic Arts Faculty?

Fear of Walking Dead actor Colman Domingo met the love of his life on craigslist. Domingo is known for keeping all of his personal life under wraps, but he gave his fans a look into his love life through an Instagram post on 23 February 2021. 

A Love Story Formed Through Craigslist

Best known for his appearance on Fear the Walking Dead and Euphoria, Colman has been married to his husband Raúl Domingo since 2014. Domingo shared his love story with the world via Instagram. He shared a short snippet of his story from an interview he did with in the post. 

Their modern-day cupid's tale took place in 2005 when the two first crossed each other's paths in the local Walgreens in Berkeley, California. The two locked eyes immediately fell for each other, but they failed to interact. 

The day after their encounter, Domingo's husband- Raúl, went to Craigslist and created a post starting- 

“I saw you outside of Walgreens in Berkeley…”

After a few days, while searching for a used iPod Touch on Craigslist, Colman found the post. Remembering the moment he states- 

“I literally jumped out of my chair when I saw the post...”

After discovering the post, Colman sent an email to Raúl, and they went on their first official date at a bar in San Francisco. The two instantly connected, and after spending a night together, Colman leaned over to Raúl, thinking he was asleep and whispered-

  “I think I love you...”

After a successful date, the two quickly became part of each other's lives, and Raúl proposed to him after the two moved to New York together. Soon the couple got married in 2014 at a small ceremony disguised as a house party with only 25 people. 

Is Colman Domingo Gay? 

Colman is an openly gay man. He first came out to his closest family member- his brother. He stated

It’s an experience I’d like to add to the chorus...that these blue-collar, macho men, like my older brother, had the capacity to say: “I don’t care, I love you anyway."

Further, during an interview, Colman described vaguely how his family reacted towards his revelation and expressed how he can be an inspiration towards people who struggle to come out to their family members. He said-

 “I’ve been blessed with a loving family that has accepted me from the moment I came out, so I was always able to be myself, but there are a whole lot of gay men living in the shadows. I have some friends who are still dealing with that, and I think it’s a sad existence, but hopefully people like you and me can be inspirations to these guys.”

More About Colman Domingo

Colman Jason Domingo, aka Coman Domingo, was born on November 28, 1969, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended Overbrook High School and received his undergraduate degree from Temple University with a major in journalism. Upon his graduation, he moved to San Francisco to pursue his career in acting. 

As of May 2021, the award-winning actor Domingo will be joining the USC School of Dramatic Arts (SDA) faculty. He will begin as a guest lecturer, and after his filming involvements, he will join the faculty full-time from Fall 2022. 

Oliver Mayer- Associate dean of faculty for the USC School of Dramatic Arts, stated- 

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Colman to our faculty. He is a great artist and a great person. Not only is he a world-class stage and film actor, but he’s a brilliant writer and director too. Most of all, Colman is a committed advocate for meaningful social change in our country...I’ve loved working with him over the years, and now I can’t wait to see him work with our students at SDA.”

Domingo also expressed about his new journey by saying- 

“I am thrilled to be joining the faculty at USC...i’ve had the opportunity to connect and work with some of the incredible students and faculty of the School of Dramatic Arts over the past few years, and I feel like I’ve found an institution that believes in the core values that I possess that is fundamental when working with the next generation of artists that will shape the future of theatre, film and television.”