Comedian Esther Ku Likes Making Fun Relating Boyfriend, Well, What Will Her Boyfriend Make Out Of That?

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Comedian Esther Ku Likes Making Fun Relating Boyfriend, Well, What Will Her Boyfriend Make Out Of That?

Relationships are not only meant to be in a serious mode; they could be more of fun and entertainment. More interestingly, Esther Ku, Korean American stand-up comedian, and actress relationship are some of that type. She makes fun of boyfriend issue on Twitter.

It would be interesting to know if she has a boyfriend and if she does, why does she make fun on her Twitter?

Esther Lu likes making fun on Social Media!

Korean-American Stand-up Comedian Esther Ku was born and raised in Chicago. It looks like she loves making fun of her boyfriend(the name of whom she has not mentioned officially) on Twitter. Here below is some glimpse of it.

She has twitted about looking a boyfriend. But it could be a joke as she always jokes on her twitter account.

Moreover, she has also talked about her ex-boyfriend and jokes relating to these pieces of stuff.

Interestingly, she has advised cheating on your boyfriend.

Esther Ku’s age is 36-year-old, and she might be still searching for a boyfriend. Although Esther has not spoken publicly about her boyfriend, her Twitter posts suggest that she might have one. Any news regarding her dating or relationship status is unknown, and star of MTV show Girl Code has kept the matter very private, although she keeps on tweeting about boyfriend issues.

Being one of the famous comedian figures on television and movies, she has earned lots of fame, but she hasn't revealed her net worth, as same as she has not revealed any info of her boyfriend. It would be only matter of time when she finally jokes about her net worth as she jokes about all other issues as well.

Racially Tinged lady, Esther Ku:


And bad at technology.

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Interestingly her comedy career has never been far from controversies. Apart from many controversies her comment on Asians were one to be highlighted. 

Although she is Korean-American, she admitted she didn’t like Asians. The show was on March 20, 2006, at Jimbo's restaurant in Braintree where she said:

''I don't really like being Asian, but I'm kind of stuck with it,'The only good thing about being Asian, really, is it helps you get into college."

Moreover, she added:

''Nigerian babies cost like 25 cents a day, Asian babies cost a lot more because they pay off."

The crowd grew silent instead of obnoxious laughs and included series of uncomfortable laughs, Ku innocently asked,

''Did I go too far?"

It is understood that comedy is all about making people laugh, but it isn’t necessary that issues like race, ethnicity or gender need to make a subject of fun as people carry deep sentiments regarding these issues.