Comedian Kevin Bridges On-Off Relationship With Girlfriend, Susan Riddell: Still Dating?

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Comedian Kevin Bridges On-Off Relationship With Girlfriend, Susan Riddell: Still Dating?

To be in a relationship with a person and break up later only to patch up again is one of the funniest things you can come across. Ironically, this funny cycle of events has occurred to one of the top comedians of the country. Perhaps, he couldn’t get over that one girl whom he loved deeply or maybe it is just another humorous tantrum. Who knows?

Caption: Kevin Bridge short clip of 'A Whole Different Story', 2015

Kevin Bridge's stand-up comedy has earned him name and fame. Unlike multiple success in his comedy and television shows, he has failed in his relationship with Susan Riddel. After series of break up and patch up in last seven years, he is single as of today.

Love life: Full of Tangles!

A source close to the couple said in 2015, “There have been problems in the relationship for some time which they’d tried to work out — unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out. Things reached a really low point around Christmas, and they eventually decided it was time to separate.”

Relationship Highlights

Kevin Bridge published an autobiography in 2014 ‘We Need to Talk About’, in which he expressed his gratitude to Susan “for her patience, but above all her love and constant support”.

Caption: Little Annie Bridges with her new family!

Later in November of 2014, the comedian didn’t hesitate to compare their relationship with Ryder Cup, the golf tournament, which ends in every two years.

He said, “I dated her for two years then we split up for two years, and now we’ve been back for two years. We’re a bit like the Ryder Cup.”

The pair met long back when Kevin used to be a rookie comedian, although the precise date has not been mentioned anywhere. In January of 2012, Kevin repulsed even to speak about Susan when interrogated in an interview by The Scottish Sun. The reason behind that was later figured out to be a break-up. Susan then went to Australia for her further studies.

 He said, “I don’t want to go into all that because I don’t really know what’s happening between me and my ex-girlfriend at the moment.”

When people were yet to get rid of the breakup hangover, they were already back together in November of the same year. More drama than James Cameron’s Titanic?

He said, “We got back together recently. Susan doesn’t live with me, but everything’s good. I’ve dropped the odd wee bit about her into the routine, and she’s cool with that."

We’ve known each other a while, and that’s important. Susan wants to go down the TV comedy route. But she doesn’t want me pushing her. Her stuff is good enough."

Lately in 2015, Kevin spoke about being single at the start of his tour.

He said, “This is the only thing that I have done since school, so other parts of your life get neglected. You need to work on relationships. I would like to go away and have some life experiences. That’s three big shows I have knocked out over the last few years with limited life experience."

“I don’t have kids to talk about; I don’t have a wife to talk about. You don’t want to end up that your comedy gets ahead of your life.”, he further added.

Watch him in action as he comes up with one of the funniest comic performances (2010):

Caption: His shows are usually packed, and the tickets get sold out instantly. He is one of the top Scottish comedians, but he is probably single and isn’t dating anyone. 

He has had very good time recently as his both companies have earned more than  £4 million profit. Now that's some business! 

New year, new possibilities?

One of the top comedians of the town Kevin Bridges has promised his fans that he will be announcing a new tour soon. The comedian’s last tour A Whole Different Story aired on BBC2 on 29th December 2016, and he was inundated with comments from followers about that show.

Moreover, he urged his fans to have a great new year.

Kevin Andrew Bridges (Born 13 November 1986) is best known as a standup comedian. His fans have seen him on various comedy shows such as Would I Lie to You? and Have I Got News for You? Bridges started his career in April 2008 on Comedy Central UK. He has released three stand-up DVDs till now. His latest was ‘A Whole Different Story’, which was released in November of 2015.