Coral Smith Raises Question After Having Daughter! Is She Married?

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Coral Smith Raises Question After Having Daughter! Is She Married?

The peek on modern dating landscape unveils that something in our notion towards relationships has entirely changed. Both men and women are increasingly avoiding marriage; instead, they seem occupied with dating sprees.

Coral Jeanne Smith, best remembered as the most prominent contestant of the ‘Real World New York,’ resembles the above outline, as she's a mother despite the fact that she remains unmarried till this date. 

So let's take a peek at Coral's life, and find out if there is more than what meets the eye!

Coral Smith: Welcome's Daughter! Is She Married? 

One of the first reality show 'The Real World,' which puts world's issue into its focal point, assigned Coral Smith as its contestant in 2001, where she was most marked for her confrontation with a cast member, Mike 'The Miz'.  

After being out from the media for last ten years, she got highlighted in some magazines after she became the mother of the first child. Coral, who first appeared in MTV, gave birth to baby girl named Charlie Beatrice in June 2013.

Coral shared another picture on Twitter, depicting the infatuation of a mother towards her child and her baby daddy. The picture portrays Coral's Daughter and her boyfriend or husband, whose identity hasn't been revealed till this date.

Coral, who once made the mission to educate Mizanin about American-African history and culture, seems secretive regarding her marital status, even though she has hinted some clues through various social networking sites.

It's usual that new mothers are thrilled about their maternity, but Coral's level of happiness is not bound only to the baby, as she has a warm relationship with  Charlie's father as well. 

But the curiosity remains unfolded as she hasn't made any public announcements about her relationship!

However, Coral Smith confessed that she and Charlie's father love every moment of the parenthood. Along with Coral and her baby daddy, Coral's parents are equally exhilarated for being the grandparents.

Lately, the most loved and hated contestant in 'The Real World' seems satisfactory as she is an advocate for the LGBT Pride, she works in the animal and marriage right arena as well.

Besides this, Coral, who possesses American-African ethnicity, hosts an Internet-based travel show in her leisure time. 

Despite being involved in varieties of realms, accumulating name, fame, and money along the way, Coral Smith is yet to reveal the exact figures of her net worth to the media.