Craig Robinson Made His Co-Star His Girlfriend And Seems To Be Eager To Have A Dating Affair These Days

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Craig Robinson Made His Co-Star His Girlfriend And Seems To Be Eager To Have A Dating Affair These Days

Often at times, just to get into the depth of the character the stars mutually go on a date and start their relationship with the commencement of the show and end it after it gets over. Actor Craig Robinson directly to get enrolled with the intensity of the character dated his co-star, but after an exit from the show, the star has taken a chance to ponder onto actual dating.

Was the star into dating his co-star or was it just for the sake of capturing the real emotions on camera?

Love On Camera; What About Behind-The-Scenes?

While depicting and playing the role of Wade Walker (Craig Robinson), a child Psychologist leaves no stone unturned to impress his girlfriend, Grace Peeples (Kerry Washington).  Every small step taken by Wade to win the heart of his lady love has not only impressed her but has also gained popularity amongst his in-laws before making a final proposal to their daughter.

Caption: A look at the blazing chemistry and love between Craig and Kerry in the movie "Peeples"(2013). 

The chemistry between Kerry and Craig flamed in the movie “Peeples” while behind the scene the story has a bit of uncertainty about the existence of romance between the characters as on an interview with the Kerry and Craig gave their version of the story for the effort and lively romance on screen. When asked to Craig about the ongoing chemistry, he said:

“Unfairly probably, it was easy for me. Come on points to Kerry. But if you’ve ever tried to impress a young lady or wanted to make them laugh, you know I was constantly inspired to be charming around Kerry Washington.”

While asked the same question with the leading lady she said:

 "We both came at it like,We have to work at creating chemistry and history  but the truth was, it was there. He’s so great; it was so easy. I think when you respect somebody’s work it’s much easier to have that connection, and we had a mutual admiration for each other’s work. I’m obsessed with Hot Tub Time Machine." 

And added:

“But we did the things you’re supposed to do as an actor. We went to dinner, and we talked about how we met, and we came up with a back story. We had figured out all these details about the apartment, all these real things so that you believed their relationship so that you found in the love connection. Because you don’t go down the journey of feeling sorry for them unless you feel good about them. “ 

Though both the actors have a strange kind of sentiments attached to each other in real life, Craig is trying to hit back on his dating life. Through the random tweets on the Twitter account, the actor has laid out a hint of his interest of getting involved in an affair while the Kerry Washington is married to Nnamdi Asomugha, the American footballer on 24th Jun 2013.

Again after few days, Craig pins his interest in making his dating profile more interesting by uploading new profile picture,

Currently, Craig has completely shunned his dating life as no prior information regarding his relationship has got updated while his interest in dating has created a strange speculation on his interest to date a woman or a man. But while scrolling through his Twitter, a strange nail paint picture was obtained which further raised an eyebrow regarding the mysterious hand and nail painted.

Craig has never got spotted in any of the awkward situation with any man nor has he got into any scandal with any celebrities. Maybe he is currently dating a man and just to avoid the controversy, he has not revealed any details of his current affairs, or maybe he is still in search of a perfect wife to share his life. But for now, he is reported to be single and is not gay. While working in several series and movies, Craig has managed to earn the total net worth of $6 million which got accumulated from his continuous hard work and dedication in his career.