Daniel Skye Dating? At 17, He Seems More Focused on Music - Not Relationship

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Daniel Skye Dating? At 17, He Seems More Focused on Music - Not Relationship

Love can always wait, but career needs to be taken care of instantly. And, by the looks of it, Daniel Skye, an American singer, goes by the idea of the said statement. Despite his popularity and a massive fanbase—mostly consisting of girls—Daniel seems more focused on his career.

Well, it's all about preference, and Daniel is seemingly content with his choice for the time being. But is he really not focused on a relationship at all?

Well, you'll have to read through to get the answers!

A Look at Daniel Skye's Love Life:

Daniel started singing at a very young age, and now he is reaching new heights and earning fame as a young pop singer at a mere age of 17. While most people his age are busy attending high schools, Daniel manages time for touring all over the country and performing for his fans. 

Moreover, not only is Daniel blessed with a beautiful voice, but he also has a charming face. Now, that's a kind of combo that would make anyone go coo-coo. Daniel is, without a doubt, the crush of many female fans who fantasize about dating him day in, day out.

Well, if you belong to the extensive list, we have good news: Daniel is possibly single as of now. He didn't have a girlfriend in 2015, and it looks like he is still in the single club.

Back in March 2017, Daniel gave his fans an insight into his relationship status stating 'Still single.' However, we cannot ignore the fact that Daniel shares a good relationship with the Musical.ly and YouTube star, Baby Ariel.

Both Daniel and Ariel share pictures with one another on their social media. Moreover, Daniel is featured in Ariel's videos sometimes. Likewise, in November 2017, Daniel took to Instagram to wish Ariel on her birthday with a caption that ended with a 'Love u' followed by a heart emoji.


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Ariel does not shy away from providing a glimpse of their relationship with her followers either.


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And guess what? Both of their fans are shipping Daniel and Ariel to the best they can. However, they just appear to be friends and nothing more! Additionally, if there is anything between them more than just friendship, we have to wait until either of them comes forth addressing their relationship status.

Daniel Skye's Short Bio:

Daniel, an American pop singer, songwriter and a YouTuber was born on June 19, 2000. Daniel, 5' 8'' in height and 17 in age, grew up with his two siblings: older brother, Robert, and younger sister, Becca.

Daniel discovered his interest in music at a young age and has released quite a few original music videos including LoveSick Day, Maybe, and All I Want. Moreover, he wrote the lyrics of all those songs.

His songs are hits, with his first song Maybe garnering over 5 million views on YouTube. 

Caption: Official music video of Daniel Skye's 'Maybe' (Published on Nov 27, 2014 )

Because of his growing success, he officially became an Instagram verified musician in 2013.

Skye also received the recognition as a national level singer after his All I Want managed to climb to the 12th position on the iTunes Pop charts. Besides, the very song managed to stand out on the top five lists of music charts in a few other countries. The lyric video of the song that features Cameron Dallas has amassed over 26 million views on YouTube.