Thought Danny Walters Is Gay? The Actor Has A Perfect Dating Affair With Girlfriend That He Doesn't Hide

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Thought Danny Walters Is Gay? The Actor Has A Perfect Dating Affair With Girlfriend That He Doesn't Hide

Danny Walters has made a journey from Spain to Atlanta Square this year to head up to "noisy and brash" Taylor family. So, EastEnders fans, it's time for you to cheer up because some vociferous episodes are on the way to your television screens.

The 24-year-old-actor, who previously gained popularity portraying Tiger Dyke and featuring on the cover of the Gay Times Magazine, is sure to grab more viewers for the soap opera this year.

Well, don't mistake the guy with his appearance on the cover of the Gay Times, he indeed has a beautiful girlfriend and is enjoying a happy and romantic relationship with her.

Who Is Danny Dating And What's Their Current Relationship Status?

Danny doesn't prefer hiding relationships and often flaunts pictures with his girlfriend on Instagram. He is madly in love with a girl named Lily Smith, and we see them together more often in their posts.


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The two seems to be dating for a long time now, as we saw them together in one of Danny's old posts from the year 2014.


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Danny and his partner Lily love traveling as we see them visiting different places frequently, creating beautiful memories together.


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Danny was even seen spending time with his girl in South Bank London enjoying a surprise birthday weekend!


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Danny's bae Lily is also an active Instagrammer, who posts pictures with Danny now and then.

Recently, on August 12, she shared an adorable picture of them, where the couple looked more beautiful with an exquisite background.


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As of now, there seem to be no any issues with the duo's relationship, and they haven't even come up with the idea of escalating their relationship.

Let's see if the couple comes up with the plans of getting married soon in the future!

Some Interesting Facts About Danny:

Danny is a British actor, who was born on the 1st of June in 1993 and spent his early days in Harlow, Essex. While the information regarding his parents is still under the wraps, some sources reveal that he moved to London, where he got trained at the London School of Musical Theatre from 2011 to 2012.

Danny began his career under the BHW Agency, and his first role came in an action movie called Broken Hearts in 2012. He later made up to the screen with an ITV sitcom Benidorm in early 2014. He also got featured on the cover of GT during his period in Benidorm.

The GT also featured the actor again this year; this time more muscular and handsome!

After working with the Benidorm team for three years, he has now moved to join a new team of EastEnders, where he will portray the eldest son of Taylor family. The family comprises of his brother Bernadette Taylor and mother Karen Taylor, who is a single parent of the two.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Danny Walters!