Darnell Nicole Dealt With Heart-Break At A Young Age! Tells All-Tale On Affair And Break-Up From Past

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Darnell Nicole Dealt With Heart-Break At A Young Age! Tells All-Tale On Affair And Break-Up From Past

When a relationship fails, and one has to cope up with the heartache, the person feels like the world is just ending in front of their eyes. The feeling after break up is something that no one wishes to experience, as this emotion tears your souls apart.

The similar emotion was experienced by famous model and E! television series 'WAGS Miami' star, Darnell Nicole, who went through this pain in her life after she suffered a split with her former fiance.

Today, let's take a look at Darnell's failed relationship and find out how she coped up with her heartbreak!

Darnell Nicole Opened Up About The Heartache She Faced With Her Former Partner:

Darnell Nicole was once engaged to her former boyfriend turned fiance NFL star, Rehad Jones. The two were engaged and also shared a daughter named Carson Cree, who was born in September of 2013.

But after some five years of togetherness, the couple decided to call it quits and ended their relationship in summer of 2016.

This feeling was something which turned the world of Nicole upside down, and she explained it all in an emotional segment during an episode of 'WAGS Miami.'

Caption: Darnell Nicole opens up about her heart-wrenching split with her former fiance, Rehad Jones.

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In the video above, Darnell explains that although they have separated, they still co-parent their daughter and see each other frequently.

"It's really just, ‘Okay, what day are you going to get her this week? That's literally all we say to each other each week."

She added,

"In the back of my mind, I'm always going to wonder where I fell short with him. I don't know if he'll ever be okay with like telling me what it was."

Nicole then concluded,

"Even though we're not together anymore and I'm open to dating, I feel like the way he goes out of his way to hurt me will affect me for years." 

"Sometimes I just feel like I will never f--king heal from that s--t. And I'm just going to carry it."

She expressed her will to be involved in a dating affair again in life as per recent reports on October 2017, and she did that when she was involved with her then new beau Darnell Dockett. But her luck was not that good with Dockett too, as it seemed that someone else named Metisha was involved with him previously.

Nicole said this to Hencha Voigt,

"I have fun with him. He makes me laugh. His sense of humor is hilarious. I'm open to see where it's going. I'm not putting too much pressure on what it is at all but it's fun."

Hencha shared her finding of Dockett from Metisha as,

"I told Metisha, 'Darnell is finally dating someone that she really likes, his name is Darnell Dockett. She was like, ‘Hencha, that is somebody I used to smash.'" 

Talk about unlucky!

Regardless, the trained dancer and model is happy with where her life with her daughter as evident in one of her Instagram posts shared back in July 2017.


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Also, she has written a blog for 'People' magazine regarding her experience on co-parenting and urged her followers to read it via an Instagram post in September 2017, and the picture she shared apparently shows the fantastic hairdo of her daughter, Carson Cree.


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Safe to say that this lady, who is American by nationality and reportedly African-American by ethnicity, is a pure inspiration to all the single moms out there!

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