Dating His Co-Star Or Just A Rumor? What Has Burkely Duffield Got To Say About Their Relationship?

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Dating His Co-Star Or Just A  Rumor? What Has Burkely Duffield Got To Say About Their Relationship?

With the charming personality and spoil brat image in the series ‘House of Anubis’, actor Burkely Duffield has landed in the hearts of many. The actor who has presented an evolving chemistry on-screen with Jade Ramsey has given birth to the speculation of them dating. But what is the exact scenario? Is he dating or single? Let’s give a closure on that very topic.

Speculated Dating Off-screen; How True?

The Canadian actor Burkely Duffield has carried his role as Eddie Miller in the Nickelodeon series ‘House of Anubis’. With the cute personality of a heartthrob, he got into the love zone with his co-actor Patricia, in real life known as Jade Ramsey.

Caption: The cute love chemistry between Eddie (Burkely Duffield) and Patricia (Jade Ramsey) from the ‘House of Anubis.' season2 (Published on Apr 10, 2013). 

The pair eventually falls for each other and share many romantic scenes on-screen. The couple is popularly known as ‘Peddie, actually ’ and they became a favorite couple of the viewers.

All of those made viewers think that they are dating in real life too. Is that true? Well! Not actually. After a lot of rumors of ‘Peddie’ dating offscreen too, Burkely Duffield came out saying that they are not dating via his Twitter.

From all these, what we can say is, Duffield is not dating Jade, and he hasn’t talked about his relationship status, making us unfamiliar about his girlfriend. Hope, Duffield will soon reveal about his girlfriend and his love life.    

After Burkely Duffield dating rumors, there came alongside another assumption of people, him being gay. But fortunately, in evident to that, there is no any official statement of Burkely Duffield.

More About Duffield:

The 24 years old actor is an older brother of actor and singer Victoria Duffield. Burkely Duffield began his acting career at the very young age of 11, and his first audition was for the commercial of McDonald's. And in 2006, he landed on the role as Jonathan Chandler in ‘Under the Mistletoe.’ He has also appeared in many guest star TV spots, numerous lead roles in Nickelodeon productions, as well as his big screen debut in "Warcraft: The Beginning" 2016. More recently, he has starred in American drama series ‘Beyond.'