David Aldridge Is A Married Man! But Wife Isn't The One He Talks About

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Balance is not something you find; it's something you create. There is always the definite difficulty in balancing between professional and personal life especially which requires constant touch with the audience.  NBA reporter, David Aldridge is definitely sailing on two boats with his successful career and personal life.  If you want to know which side of Aldridge's either reporting life or marriage life wins him over on the battle for balance, follow us to down below.  Also, the pin-drop silent personal life of Aldridge had shade out different dimension, give an update to fan knowledge.  
David Aldridge Is A Married Man! But Wife Isn't The One He Talks About

Balance is not something you find, it's something you create. Normal efforts may not be sufficient to balance both professional and family life. This especially holds true in case of the professionals who require constant touch with the audience. 

NBA reporter, David Aldridge surely understands that better, as he is sailing on two boats with his long career and family on each. 

You might be wondering what this fuss about creating a balance is about.  

Well, don't miss any word of the story below to uncover all the fascinating secrets of David Aldridge!

David Aldridge's Married Life- Not a Secret Anymore!

Aldridge's family life was undoubtedly a huge box of secrets without any hints of romance for a very long period; it was secretly mute without any traces of wife or children. Speculations and the curiosity stretched to its peak!

But, finally, there is a relief for the eager ears, as the reporter is not only married but also has children.

Caption - David Aldrige talking about stepchildren and marriage

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His dating life has been unusually silent all this time, but this definitely brings out a new shade. To add the story more, his tweet cleared, for sure, that the children he mentioned are his stepchildren.

There is one conclusion to be drawn from his cryptic tweet, however, that he is definitely married. Sadly, no more peek into his married life was offered.

He even made another tweet about his wife and children, confirming his married life and the presence of romance in his life.

Caption - Aldridge talking about wife 

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Despite the pile of secrets, his married life is finally confirmed. Since no official sources have confirmed his divorce, it is only safe to assume that he remains married, fathering his stepkids. 

Aldridge's Second Love

Aldridge is living his life surrounded by the things he loves. With a lovely family already, he is in love with his work too. With the career span from the golden years of the 'Showtime Lakers,' Big 3 Celtics to the Jordan era to Shaq-Kobe Lakers, he has covered countless stories on the basketball sport. The former Washington Post reporter has seen it all and covered it all, and better than anyone.

Aldridge has also worked for various famous networks like ESPN and TNT and also on the Tony Kornheiser Show on Washington Post Radio (2007-2008).

It is general assumption that his standard works as reporter certainly brings him good financial fortune. Although Aldridge's current salary and net worth remain confined, there is no doubt it stands on the sound economic ground.