David Harbour: Not Dating Anyone After Breakup With Actress Girlfriend, Secretly Married? Or Gay?

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David Harbour: Not Dating Anyone After Breakup With Actress Girlfriend, Secretly Married? Or Gay?

While some individual switch for another partner after break up to solace the pain, some people embraces solitude. Among them is the actor David Harbour who has made his love life very stagnant after facing a painful separation with beloved.

An American actor, David Harbour and Julia Stiles, an American actress stayed in a relation from 2011 to 2015. According to whosdatedwho.com, Julia Stiles is the only lady David has loved and dated so far. The couple used to share very close and enviable relationship those days.

David and Julia were often spotted spending quality times and attending events in the initial years. Including this, the couple was seen several times clutching hand and taking a stroll in the street of New York City.

Caption: David Harbour with ex- girlfriend Julia Stiles strolling in the New York City in April 2012.

Source: justjared.com

David and ex- girlfriend Julia also did a movie together named "Between Us" in 2012.

Caption: The trailer of movie Between Us, featuring David Harbour and Julia Stiles along with other actors, published on June 8, 2013.

As we said earlier, they gave an edge to the relation in 2015, however, the reason for their split has not been revealed yet. Though David is single, Julia has moved on with the new relation. Julia is currently dating with her boyfriend turned fiance, Preston J. Cook. They got engaged last January. 

Caption:  Julia with her  boyfriend turned fiance, Preston J.Cook shopping in NYC in September 2015.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Is David Secretly Married? Or is he a Gay?

The actor of Netflix TV Series Stranger Things, David Harbour has become very silent regarding his personal life. We earlier said about his single relationship status on the basis of his silence and some sources. However, we never know the story beneath. Who knows, David may be married and hiding his wife from the public. Do you think David is married and secretly enjoying a conjugal life?

The actor with $4 million net worth, David Harbour is single and unmarried at the age of 41. On this note, people may assume that David is a gay. Moreover, David Harbour is all set to portray a role of a gay character in "Strange Things" season-2 named Brokeback Mountain.

David revealed in Out Magazine in August that he will be romantically engaged with Jake Gyllenhaal in the series. However, when asked if the storyline has any metaphorical significance for him, he spoke against being a gay and said-

"I love that interpretation. I’m not gay, but my understanding of it is that being gay, you feel like a freak. You've adopted this idea of queer as a culture. And I definitely understand feeling different, feeling alone, feeling like a nerd, so I have a lot of empathy. And I love the journey of being able to protect someone who feels different and alone and to embrace them and have them be included — to save them and to bring them into the fold is a wonderful thing that a human being can do."