De'arra Taylor: Everything You Seek From Her Age, Hair, To Her Job That Let's her Explore The World With Boyfriend

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De'arra Taylor: Everything You Seek From Her Age, Hair, To Her Job That Let's her Explore The World With Boyfriend

Almost all celebs want to keep their personal life low-key. There are very less, who are open about the personal life, and De’arra Taylor is luckily one of those few.

The young star rose to fame through her YouTube channel and has a lot to share with her boyfriend. The adorable De'arra has a lot to share and is setting an example for relationships. In a nutshell, she is sharing the relationship goals with her boyfriend. Let's take a closer look!

Runs A YouTube Channel With Boyfriend:

De’arra Taylor is a vlogger, who is famous for her YouTube channel De'arra & Ken 4 Life. The social media and vlogging sensation Taylor posts collaborative videos with her boyfriend, Ken Walker.

The young couple shares videos, documenting their love life in the video-sharing site. They are very popular and have been able to earn millions of subscribers.

They kind of post videos to set an example "how a relationship should generally be" and with no doubts, they are doing fantastically. They entertain their viewers with different challenges, pranks, story times and much more. 

The famous couple does have another vlog “Vlogs by DK4L”. On this particular channel, the duo shares more about their daily life together.

Moving on to the pair’s relationship, they started dating almost three years ago at Chipotle. From then and there, they have been able to handle it in an awe-inspiring way. That undoubtedly has been of great inspiration to many.

The 21 years old is used to sharing photos on her Instagram account with her beloved one. Here are some!

With no doubts, they do look great together and shares a great chemistry.

The cuddling romance of the two tempts many to fall in love.

The two go on a trip together, as they often share pictures of them traveling different corner of the world.

Other than boyfriend and her vlogs, the most often talked thing about De’arra Taylor is her hair.

Many fans often ask about her hair about its length, color and all for that the young YouTuber with beautiful black hair is found tweeting a lot about.

Born on April 17, 1996, De’arra Taylor is an internet sensation widely known for her merged YouTube channel with her boyfriend. She has a sister named Zaria Mosley.

However, she has not divulged much about her father and mother. Hopefully, she will openly share about her family in the upcoming days to come.

The young star is now very much famous for her YouTube channel, which she created on December 11, 2014. As of now, the channel has been able to accumulate about 3.5 million subscribers.

The one with Afro-American ethnicity, De’arra, and her beau Kim have posted several videos on their channel, and one of the most popular videos is “DO IT LIKE ME CHALLENGE,” which has earned more than 6 million views.

The earnings from her YouTube channel has helped her a lot accumulate to make an impressive amount of $250,000.

Caption: One of the most watched videos of De’arra and Kim is “DO IT LIKE ME CHALLENGE.” (Published on November 9, 2015)

At the very tender age of 21, De’arra Taylor has earned worldwide fame. With no doubts, she has a long way to go, and we wish her the heights of success in her career.

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