Devon Werkheiser Dating! Meet His Long-Time Actress Girlfriend

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Devon Werkheiser Dating! Meet His Long-Time Actress Girlfriend

People are always curious about the life of their favorite celebrity, but only a few celebrities let their fans peek into their personal life while others prefer keeping it close to their chest. 

One of the few celebrities we depicted to is the actor Devon Werkheiser, as he is very public about his dating affair, unlike most celebrities.

Devon is head over heels in love with his girlfriend and does not hesitate to flaunt that on social media. So let's take a closer look at Devon Werkheiser's romantic dating affair with his long-time actress girlfriend for the details that you probably missed before!

Devon Werkheiser's Romantic Dating Affair with His Girlfriend:

Devon Werkheiser is currently dating his girlfriend, Sara Montez, and does not waffle to share his love for her with his fans. Social media like Instagram and Twitter help celebrities reach out to their fans on a personal level, and Devon does not miss an opportunity to flaunt his lady love through those social media.

Back in April 2017, Devon shared a picture of Sara, appreciating her for changing his world in the caption. 


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There are no precise details on when and how the duo started dating, but Devon, who enjoys the net worth of $4 million, did share a picture from their early days of going out without giving away any information that could help establish their dating timeline.

Devon and Sara make one cute couple, and the way they pose for pictures, show the level of connection they share.

Devon and Sara smile for the camera (

Devon, who is also a singer, has his channel on YouTube called 'WERK! TV' and has a music video where the two are featured together. 

Devon Werkheiser and his girlfriend, Sara on the music video of 'Crowns' (Feb 19, 2017).

Likewise, the loving boyfriend is very supportive of Sara's career and is always up for helping her in any way possible. 

He is one adorable and sweet boyfriend any girl can dream of, and his charm could make even straight people think of being gay. 

Before Sara, two of Pretty Little Liars stars, Ashley Benson & Lindsey Shaw, had a thing for Devon off-screen according to the sources. But neither of the stars confronted anything on that matter. 

But wait, his girlfriend is not the only lady the actor speaks of. Devon is not shy when it comes to expressing his love to his family members as well. Devon, who is a brother to Vanessa Werkheiser, deliberated a picture of his sister on his Instagram claiming it was a "treat" to hang out with her.


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Well, for now, the 26-year-old actor, who rose to fame for his titular role of Ned Bigby in the series Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, is all scooped up with his girlfriend, Sara along with his career advancement.

Stay with us for further updates on Devon Werkheiser!