Dhani Jones Finds Someone to Get Married to? His Demand In Girlfriend Alone Is Boggling

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Dhani Jones Finds Someone to Get Married to? His Demand In Girlfriend Alone Is Boggling

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder; a person can be short, tall, round, leans or anything in between, but you can still find them beautiful. But, there is a famous saying that men with a sophisticated look with a bow tie can quench your thirst and give you eyegasm, almost instantly.

Needless to say, the former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones can be seen having a blast everywhere with his bow tie look. Everyone is well acquainted that Dhani Jones proved his sportsmanship throughout his career and sparkled as an exceptional player till now, but the question lingers, what about his personal life?

So, keeping his sportsmanship aside for a while, let's have a peek into his personal life to know about Dhani's personal life in depth! 

Dhani Jones's Boggling List About Ideal Girlfriend To Be

Female fans of Dhani are glad that Dhani discovered this gentlemanly side of him, so we could gush over him even more than we did before. Indeed, true!

But surprisingly, Dhani has an overwhelming bucket list of characteristics for in a woman that he wants to date. As per Dhani consideration, would-be-girl of Dhani should meet at least 75% of the list for him even to consider her.

He revealed the qualities that he is seeking for a girlfriend to be. He shared that she should have a tender heart, possess the family nature, adventurous and sporty. He further added, he is fascinated to woman with long hair, astonishing eyes, and most importantly creative soul.

Well, this is not the end of the list, Dhani has more demands. So, not spoiling your key-interest in a list, watch the video!

Dhani Jones speaks on preference for women ( Published on 24 Jun 2010)

But on the course of his love life, a lot of curiosities about his married life and wife are yet to be unveiled that people want to know?

By dribbling many sources, Jones reportedly has a girlfriend on his side. As per the reports, the couple has been dating each other for five years now and even shares two kids together. 

Dhani Jones Feels Proud Of  Parents

Many times you have seen Dhani with his exasperating gesture on the field or with his eye-candy dapper looks on several events. But you might know that he showers a great love for his family and his social sites say it all:

A few days back, this handsome hunk shared a picture with his mother on Instagram along with a sweet caption.


A post shared by Dhani Jones (@d0057) on

Another post which shows a proud son of navy parents' and grateful for his parents' service and commitment.

Such a family-loving man!

More To Keep Obsession Alive

Dhani Makalani Jones was born on 22 February 1978 in California to his African raised parents. He belongs to the African-American ethnicity. He is graduated from the University of Michigan. He started his career as a linebacker in 1998.

Over the course of his splendid ten years, Dhani has come to love unabashedly and held a contract net worth of $5 million. After his retirement, all business ventures included, Jones reportedly brings in $4 million annually and gradually cultivating digits to twice in forthcoming days!

Ironically, Dhani emphasizes his intelligence not only in the game but also the game of real life with his obvious look, great play, and charity. He has a perfect standing height of 6 feet 1 inch with 109 kg of weight and maintained body which slaps a big smile on everyone's face. Yas, one can not deny the Bow Tie! Do you?