Don Benjamin, 30, Dating: Meet His Star Girlfriend!

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Don Benjamin, 30, Dating: Meet His Star Girlfriend!

Social media has been an incredible platform to reach out to millions of people around the world. And many use the social networking sites to express their love or to flaunt their loved ones, their interest, and basically anything to the public.

The model Don Benjamin who played Ariana Grande's boo in the hit song "Into You" has a star girlfriend who he regularly features on his social media posts. The duo is head over heels in love with each other and does not miss any opportunity to showcase the emotion to the world.

If you want to take a look at their boundless love and romance, just scroll down.

Meet Don Benjamin's Star Girlfriend:

For a guy of 30 years of age, Don Benjamin has been setting the examples of some serious boyfriend goals out to the world. The model is in a relationship with his girlfriend Liane V, who happens to be an R&B singer. The couple is together for almost three years now and is still devoted to each other.

Take a look at the duo!


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They started dating each other back in 2015.

Before Liam, Don was in a relationship with Nikki Flores back in 2009. 

Back in the day, social media like Instagram was not a thing. People hardly ever flaunted their love on social media. Same was the case for Don as he rarely spoke about his girlfriend which made his fans question his sexuality.

But now we know that he is not gay, given the many pictures he shares with his girlfriend, Liane.

While many relationships lose the spark with the passage of time, Don and Liane have been proving otherwise. The couple shared their 2017 Valentine's Day picture on Twitter, and their fans could not stop gushing about the two.

Similarly, Don shared his picture with his girlfriend wishing his fans a happy new year, and the two looked gorgeous. Take a look!


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The little things the couple does together have their fans realize how the spark in their love has been maintained throughout. For instance, Don asked Liane to bury him in the sand at the beach so that they did not have to leave Hawaii. Liane obliged, and the result is just too adorable.

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The two even have a separate account named "Forever Us" on Instagram to celebrate their love. The page is filled with the pictures of the two looking perfect together, like this one!


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They also have a YouTube channel with the same name and have released the song No One featuring the two in the music video.

Don and Liana featured in music video No One (Published: Jan 24, 2018)

Their fans are really curious to know if Don has any plans on turning his girlfriend into his wife, but the duo has not revealed anything on that matter so far. But for now, we're content with seeing them all loved up!