Douglas Smith In A Dating Affair With Career; Too Busy For An Actual Girlfriend?

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Douglas Smith In A Dating Affair With Career; Too Busy For An Actual Girlfriend?

Career or love. It’s a riddle one will never want to choose between; however, the Canadian actor, Douglas Smith seems to stands as an exception. 

Secretive dating life, the silent actor on romance and extensive career chart, all of those make it look like the actor is in some battle as per his choices.

But is it an actual struggle the actor has been facing or has the real girlfriend hidden all this time? Take a look and decide for yourself!

Dating Affair with Girlfriend or Career?

Established himself as the mainstream actor from his major movies like The Alienist, Vinyl and Big Love, Douglas Smith has made his acting debut on  “The X-Files" at the age of 11. 

With such soul-warming acting, his role plainly speaks a lot of emotions related to the mainstream audience but has very fewer words for his romance. 

He does not fancy flaunting his relationship on social media. Instead, he likes to keep that secretive!

However, some sources claimed that Smith and the Colombian singer, Ashton Lunceford had a dating history together. 

The duo was in a band called “Alaskan Summer” and had their initial spark then and there.

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But the story hangs incomplete, as Smith never made an effort to come forward about the affair. The story further follows blank slots, hinting the absence of girlfriend.

The silent actor's dating affairs may certainly pose gay rumors which remain unauthentic as the actor has no inclination towards it. 

Douglas is the man who seeks out what he loves for. As he was filming “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” (2012) in New Orleans, he fell in love with the city and ended up buying a home there.

For such a guy, how come he did not meet someone who made him fall in love? How is the actor still single with such killer looks and absolute charm? 

As for the big question, his silent dating affairs might be pointing he has been in love with his work all this time; the actor is just adding his movies to the list one after another. 

He even added the range of his works to the humanitarian field by making the journey to Morocco with the U.K. based charity Peace Child International.   

It may not be that he does not have time for an actual girlfriend. Maybe with time, the actor will find the girl of his dreams, and he may come forward with his love-life once he feels ready.

Douglas Smith was born to parents Terrea (nee Oster), an American-born teacher and Maurice Smith, a producer of low-budget films on June 22, 1985, in Toronto, Canada with the birth name of Douglas Alexander Smith. His family also includes his older brother named Gregory. Standing tall at the height of 1.91m, the actor belongs to English and Ashkenazi Jewish descent as for his ethnicity.