Elaine Chappelle: 5 Facts – From Age To Married Life With Husband

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Elaine Chappelle: 5 Facts – From Age To Married Life With Husband

When you get associated with a celebrity then irrespective of your choice of becoming famous, you automatically gain the spotlight. Similar is the case with Elaine Chappelle, who happens to be the wife of the renowned comedian and sketch comic, Dave Chappelle. Many people want to know about the lady behind the success of Dave. So, for all her fans, we have brought five facts which cover everything there is to know about her, so, let’s get started!

Filipina Decent Elaine Chappelle Is 43 In Age

The beautiful wife of actor husband, Elaine was born on 31 August 1974, and with her last birthday, she has turned 43 years old. Although she was born in the Philippines to her parents which makes her Filipina by ethnicity, today, she lives in America. Moreover, Elaine, who stands at the height of 1.55 m (5 feet 1 inches), is the co-creator of her husband's show, Chappelle's Show.

Elaine, Dave: Couple With 16 Years Of Marital Union 

Although fans are left to wonder about their dating life along with tenure of the dating affair, it is known that Elaine and Dave have been married for sixteen long years. The couple exchanged wedding vows back in 2001. In an interview, Dave shared a curiosity of his wife which left him speechless.

“This is the only job I've had since I was 14. My wife asked me once if I weren't a comedian what I would do. I couldn't answer the question. I never imagined doing anything else. Maybe until six months ago, anyway," 

Moreover, the couple is blessed with three beautiful kids, two sons, Sulayman and Ibrahim and a daughter, Sonal.

Elaine Chappelle spotted with husband Dave Chappelle, kids (Photo: chicksinfo.com)

While talking about his comeback show, ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Dave shed light on his family lineage and even mentioned that his kids have turned out to be Puerto Rican; while growing up in a multi-racial family.

“My wife is Asian, and my kids have somehow turned out to be Puerto Rican. My mother is half white. If I grew my hair out, you would think it was a Katt Williams concert. My grandparents were biracial—from rape, but what can you do.”

The Chappelle Family Lives On 65 Acre Farm

Elaine has a beautiful family with a partner and kids with whom she lives in a 65 acre Farm in the cornfield of Ohio. The fame of a celebrity can be overwhelming and could affect those, who prefer living like an ordinary man with a family.

Similarly, Elaine’s husband despite being famous and having the luxury to live in Los Angeles or New York, he prefers to live in Ohio near Antioch College, where his father used to teach music. He expressed his love for Ohio as,

"I love Ohio. ... Being famous is great, it's not like bad or horrible or anything. But it has nothing to do with who you actually are. And that's a real important lesson to learn, because I'm telling you, this can be overwhelming. So I like Ohio because it reminds me of that. It's hard to get comfortable, but I've managed to get comfortable. I still travel all the time, but it's still nice to have 65 acres to just chill out. And the idea is it'll keep you balanced."

Divorce Rumors

Rumors are part and parcel of a celebrity’s life and the couple who has been married for more than one and half decades couldn’t get spared from such rumors. But these rumors seem to have the least reflection of the reality, as the couple recently appeared together on 18 February for NBA All-Star Game 2018, which was held at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. 

Dave Chappelle, Elaine Chappelle together at NBA game on 18 February 2018 (zimbio.com)

The couple seems to enjoy the game together which must be enough to calm down the rumors for now.

Couple With Net Worth of $42 Million

The couple who has seen each other in their life's peaks and valleys enjoys a successfully accumulated net worth of $42 million. Dave started his career in 1993 with movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Further, he went on to appear in movies like Blue StreakCon Air, The Nutty Professor and grabbed his first lead role in the film Half Baked in 1998.

However, he became popular with his own comedy series The Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central in 2003. The show, which was also co-created by his wife, tasted success for two seasons and was nominated for Emmy Awards twice. Also, the credit for his worth in millions primarily goes to the success of his show, The Chappelle’s Show and the Netflix deal in November 2016. He is paid $60 million for delivering three standup specials for Netflix, which is considered one of the significant amount a comedian of any medium has been paid.