Errol Barnett Gay Rumors Debunked! Has A Sizzling Girlfriend And They Might Just Get Married

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Errol Barnett Gay Rumors Debunked! Has A Sizzling Girlfriend And They Might Just Get Married

Good looking guys, who are less vocal about their love lives, are often termed to be gay. The one who is less open about his love life involving a woman is called a gay no matter what the actual truth behind it is.

The same story can be related to Britain born American correspondent for CBS News Errol Barnett, who was often termed as a gay man.

However, he has now debunked those rumors and has been living a happy romantic life with his sizzling girlfriend. The love between them even makes us believe that they could soon get married.

Today, let us take a look as to how this media correspondent shoved those rumors down.

The Thrashing of Gay Rumors: Winsome Relationship Between Errol Barnett & His Girlfriend:

Errol Barnett was often called a gay man, be it for his silence about his love life or be it his open minded social posts.

He has always been effectively doing his job, and while doing that, he sometimes needs to cover gay stories too. He famously tweeted once as,

The tweet certainly made people speculate if the man rather butters the other side of the toast. However, there are several ways of shoving those rumors and eradicating it for good.

One of the perfect ways to do so; is to present a lady love in your life, and Errol too did the same, as he became open about his love life including his girlfriend.

The CBS correspondent has been dating his girlfriend Ariana Shordy a.k.A Reece since June 2015 and the couple has been enjoying the love ever since.


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Recently, the couple celebrated their two year anniversary together and their happiness to have spent a long time with one another was seen clearly through the image they shared with their fans.


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Ariana's post was equally adorable too.


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That is the kind of love they have between them, and with the pace of their love ever speeding, they might as well end up marrying real soon.

They have not revealed any plans of tying the holy knot and sharing a husband-wife relationship, but the fans already anticipate that they are soon going to escalate their love to the next level.

Let us wish them the very best for their relationship for the future!

More You'd Like To Know About Errol Barnett's Weight Loss!

While celebrating his birthday back in 2015, Errol Barnett revealed that he was once a 200-pound man, but now he is fit and toned up.

Explaining about his weight loss process, he said,

Some of you commented on my #weightlossover the past year so I thought on my #bday I would come clean; I weighed 200lbs with 25% body fat not too long ago when I essentially lived and worked on the road. Since returning to the US, I vowed to get #fit. Today I'm 175lbs, 8% fat and #running 10k's at a much better pace than before.

He further added that the 'good health' is something one can possibly gift themselves with,

I'm realizing that the best #gift you can give yourself is good #health. Cheesy I know but so damn true. I've aimed for it through resistance training, cardio and eating clean. ???? allowed of course!If any of you can share advice on methods you've used to get fit or be healthier I'd like to hear them. We could all use good advice. Thanks for the bday wishes! They mean a lot. ??

The caption used for the post below explained how he was able to shed his weight and become the fit man that he is today. 


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Errol Barnett, who stands over 5ft 8 inches in height, could be an inspiration for some people!

And did you know, Errol Barnett was born in Milton Keynes, the UK to parents Pamela and Michael Christie?

However, his mother later got remarried to Gary Barnett. In the name of siblings, Errol has a brother, Danny Christie, who he shared his childhood with.

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