ESPN's Britt McHenry Dating Halt: Reunion With Boyfriend in 2012. Married to DC but Husband in Real Life?

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ESPN's Britt McHenry Dating Halt: Reunion With Boyfriend in 2012. Married to DC but Husband in Real Life?

A smile that has won millions of heart is an ESPN’s Washington D.C- based sports reporter, Britt McHenery. The personal life of Britt McHenry is somewhat unknown to us all. So, what is the real relationship status of the controversial reporter, Britt McHenry? And the real reason why many people hate her; this is what we are about to find out.

Britt McHenry’s Personal Life: Married Life, Husband or Boyfriend?

Formerly working as a sports reporter and fill-in anchor for ABC Television’s affiliate WJLA-TV, in Washington DC, she was offered a position of a sideline reporter at Fox Sports in San Diego. First, she took the job and moved to San Diego, considering her bright future there, but later she realized that it was a wrong move. Since she worked in Washington DC for several years, she was somewhat linked emotionally with the place. Due to which she returned to WJLA-TV in 2012, two weeks later joining Fox Sports.

There were some reasons for Britt to come back to Washington DC. While her love for Washington and her career path was one of the factors, she even stated in an interview with the Sports Junkies, that her decision was solely based on professional desires and not a personal relationship. But we highly doubt that Britt!

While reevaluating the decision, she expressed that her heart was in Washington DC,

“I just couldn’t fully get into it because I still had a foot here, My heart was here.”

Did it have a hidden meaning? The answer lies within Britt herself.

We know she is very hush-hush when it comes to her personal life. But there is a crucial information which Britt's ardent fans must know which is the "Skype Relationship."

In the same interview, she revealed that a “Skype relationship” is not her cup of tea (something smells fishy here). So, does this mean she is in a relationship with someone? Of course, you can’t be skyping to work and call it a “Skype relationship,” am I right?  

It’s not very clear who McHenry was dating back then, but she sure was ecstatic to return to DC after two weeks. Now the question remains, is she still in a relationship with the same guy? Or is she married?

Britt's Instagram account gives a glimpse into her personal life, but still, no traces of her boyfriend is found. And she has maintained secrecy over a personal life. The mystery of her romantic life is killing her fans!

Like many celebrities, Britt has not been spared from the controversy, and following the controversy, people even demanded to fire her.

The Verbal Abuse Controversy:

Fame comes at a price, well this is what people say most of the times. And what price did our beloved, always smiling, gorgeous reporter, Britt McHenry had to pay? Let’s see.

Back on 2015, a video surfaced on the internet featuring Britt and a parking lot attendant. Britt was caught on camera, ranting and insulting the employee after her car got towed. Watch the full video below.

Later, she apologized for the incident via Twitter.

It was later announced by ESPN that McHenry was suspended for a week following the video controversy.

Even though the towing company forgave Britt for the misbehaving action, there were thousands of people demanding her to be fired immediately. They even started a petition with the hashtag #FireBrittMcHenry on Twitter, calling her a bully and 3800 signatures were taken demanding her to be fired.

People can be mean sometimes, can’t they? And we hope Britt learned her lesson.

Britt McHenry's Emotional Defense:

Britt shares the relation of pain with Philadelphia TV reporter Colleen Campbell as a video surfaced in the media on June 6, 2017. In the video, Colleen was doing a vicious trade and even tried to spit on the employee after she got kicked out from a comedy club in Philadelphia.

As she had a similar experience in the past, she expressed her thoughts through a Facebook post on June 7, 2017. Also, she shared the after effects of the public shaming and said that she had a serious long-term health effect, following the cyber bullying and shaming.

Moreover, Britt stated a fact “No one is perfect, ” and everybody makes a mistake. And she ended the post hoping that least people have to go through the public shaming.

Least Know Things About Britt:

Britt McHenry was the native of Mount Holly Township, New Jersey. She played soccer during her high school and college years. We also came to know that she is a major Chris Hemsworth fangirl (just like most of us).

As mentioned earlier, the information regarding her boyfriend or husband is not known, but we’re still on it so that we can provide enough info in the future.

Here are some tweets about some memorable interviews Britt took.

Britt McHenry was born on May 28, 1986, in New Jersey. She is a graduate of Medill School of Journalism with a Master’s degree in Journalism. She currently serves as a sports reporter based in Washington DC for ESPN.