Esther Baxter Has A 'Baby' Boy; With A Husband Or From A Dating Affair?

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Esther Baxter Has A 'Baby' Boy; With A Husband Or From A Dating Affair?

'King' magazine's cover model, Esther Baxter, is currently having her best time parenting her son, Cayden Baxter. She indeed seems to be utterly astonished by her kid and the love and care they both share is unquestionably beautiful.

The proud mother, Esther doesn't even get tired sharing her heart-warming moments with Cayden and expressing them in her words on her social media pages. However, her posts appear to be incomplete, as they do not include a prominent member of the family, i.e., the father of the child!

So, who shares the boy with Esther? Does she have a husband, or is the child from her dating affairs with a boyfriend?

Let's find out the allied facts, as we move onwards to take a glance at the relationship timeline of Esther!

The Relationship Timeline Of Esther Baxter:

An Instagram post of April last year vividly showed that Esther was single and at the same time, she also hinted that she was pining for a right person in her life.


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While it was a post from the day on which people spread hoaxes, she didn't seem to have faked but took the day gracefully to express her real-life scenario.

The following month, Esther shared a cryptic message dedicated to her ex, gushing her happy life situation after the split.


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Regarding her past love life, she was in a relationship with Joe Budden until it turned out to be a turbulent one. She is indeed a victim of Joe's violence while she was pregnant with a daughter.

She further opened up about the incident, after Joe tried to prove her guiltiness through his song 'No Ordinary Love Shit Part 3'.

Caption: Esther explains how Joe killed her unborn baby to Bossip (Published on Nov 1, 2011).

However, she has never spilled the full details about her former partner, which certainly makes it tough to track the father of Cayden. Moreover, the chaos persist if she was married to her former partner or only had a dating relationship with him!

As of now, Esther's family life together with Cayden is loaded with love and support, which is apparently visible through her Instagram posts.

'Mother's Day' this year proved to be a special day for the mother-son duo. While Esther shared a picture of Cayden captioning it with her emotional words, the image captured a caring son who managed to prepare a delicious meal and a special note for her mother.


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Earlier 2016, the proud mother uploaded a picture of her schooling son, captioning it with words of amazement regarding the I.Q. level of her son.


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These things are apparently the most valuable gifts that a mother can impart to her child. Kudos to this single mother for her brilliant job!

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Esther Baxter!