Ethan Bortnick And His Talent A Result Of Gene From His Parents? Get His Tour Details

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Ethan Bortnick And His Talent A Result Of Gene From His Parents? Get His Tour Details

There are many accomplished artists in the world, but only a few are gifted, likely due to the genetic factor.

Child prodigy Ethan Bortnick creates magic with his skills in the piano and has become world’s youngest entertainers and is talked about for his philanthropic efforts.

But the question arises if it's the parental gene that resulted in him, being such talented? Well, read further for the answers!

Ethan Bortnick- A Child Prodigy!

Ethan was born to his parents Hannah and Gene Bortnick on December 24, 2000. The favorite toy of three-year-old Ethan was a pint-size piano, which was colorful and had flashing lights.

One fine afternoon, Ethan began playing a classical composition on his piano, which was playing on the radio. Ethan’s mother, Hannah mistaken the tune played by Ethan for the piano’s demo version. She recalled the moment and shared it in an interview back in May 2007.

"I was in shock. I never played the piano. My husband didn't, either. We knew we needed to get Ethan lessons right away."

In Ethan’s case, he was a gifted artist rather than his parents' genes contributing to his talent, as his mother mentioned in the statement.

However, the piano lessons had to wait, as Ethan’s mother gave birth to Ethan’s brother Nathan, who suffered from a rare heart condition and spent weeks at Miami Children’s Hospital for the recovery.

During the period, Ethan stayed with his grandparents and utilized the time and self-learned dozens of songs in the toy piano. Ethan eventually got serious about learning and started taking piano lessons.

Ethan’s first piano teacher, Vaserstein shared that he had perfect pitch and a rare ability to identify the musical notes without a reference. Within few months, he started composing his own complicated pieces.

At the age of six, Ethan realized that he wanted to perform in front of the audience and shared his realization of becoming a performer. He stated,

"I started performing when I was five, I guess I started realizing it when I started doing more concerts - so I guess at six? My first concert was for my teacher's recital in the mall, so I don't remember what it was like. I remember that someone filmed that concert and I remember seeing it on YouTube when they put it up the next day. I also remember that my dad actually got a call from Jay Leno - or the producers fom Jay Leno - who saw that and asked me to be on the show."

The star in the making had even shared the stage with the big names in the industry, like Beyonce and Elton Jones. Adding another feather to his cap, he registered himself in the Guinness World Record as "The World’s Youngest Solo Musician to Headline his own Tour."

Ethan was just nine when he set the record. However, the record later got confirmed, and Ethan was awarded the certificate in NYC in July 2012.

Additionally, while Ethan earns a hefty amount, he is a philanthropist as well and has donated a considerable sum to the organization called Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

The cause is closest to his heart, as he has seen his brother battle his life while undergoing three heart surgeries. Moreover, his song called 'Anything Is Possible' was inspired by his brother Nathan and he shared the same in an interview back in May 2014. He expressed,

"It was inspired by my brother. I wrote it for a movie originally, the movie was also called 'Anything is Possible.' I also got to write 10 songs for the film... so I wrote 'Anything is Possible' for the film but I also wrote it for my brother because when he was born he went through three heart surgeries and now you can't even tell. I wrote it for him because no matter how hard things are in life, I think that anything is possible. I wrote it for him and any kid that has a hard time in life, for them to believe in themselves and know that anything is possible."

Caption: Ethan Bortnick performs the song called 'Anything Is Possible' and introduces his brother, Nathan Bortnick. (Published on Oct 15, 2014 )

Gifted pianist Ethan has a list of tours lined up. Talking about his tours for the year 2017, he would be performing at Palm Beach Gardens, FL in Eissey Campus Theater on November 19, 2017, followed by a performance in A Holiday Special at Fort Meyers, FL in Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Center on December 20, 2017.

Ethan would be touring in the year 2018 as well, and as per the website, his last tour is scheduled in Bismarck, ND at Belle Mehus Auditorium in Prairie Public PBS on September 23, 2018.

Many would like to date the gifted artist Ethan, but a million dollar question is who rules his heart?

It's possible; that his busy career has kept him single, since neither the reports of him dating a potential girlfriend has surfaced the media, nor he has addressed a girl as his girlfriend. But as per his fans, they hope Ethan finds the love of his life shortly!