White Ethnicity Actor Michael Raymond-James: Is He Dating Someone? Or Is Secretly Married?

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White Ethnicity Actor Michael Raymond-James: Is He Dating Someone? Or Is Secretly Married?

Actor Michael Raymond has thrilled and acquired millions of fan following from all across the globe. Has he successfully grabbed the attention of any lady who is only his women or is he secretly married to mystery women whom he has kept away from the media attention? So, at present, we shall learn about the dating life, sexual orientation and the married life of this husky man.

Personal Life: Married, Wife or Girlfriend?

In the series of Terriers (2010), the actor plays the role of a goon who falls in love with a lady while breaking into her apartment. The character falls in love at first sight with Laura Allen while he sees the picture of her stuck in her apartment, so the thief instead of stealing goods decide to steal the heart of the lady and charm her.

Since then he starts to stalk her and acquire all the information regarding her work along with her likes and dislikes. As published on Cinema Blend, the star has briefed about his character, he said:

“I think Katie [ Laura Allen] for me is the main reason I went straight. Leave the life of crime behind. Her apartment was the last I broke in to as a burglar and I saw pictures of her on the refrigerator, and instead of stealing the television I decided to try to steal her heart. And I discovered check stubs and so on and so forth, so I found out where she worked, it was at a bar, and I just sort of happened to show up at the bar”

Caption: Michael Raymond with his co-star Laura Allen in the series "Terriers" 2010

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Even though the star has been a full-time love struck fella in the series, in real life he is single and has no desire to take the on-screen love off the screen. No rumors of him dating any women or man have ever flooded the social networking sites or in any online media.

On an interview published by ABC News Go on 7th May 2013, he expressed few details about falling in love and about doing the third wheel multiple times with his friends.

"You can't choose who you fall in love with and it just so happened it worked out that way. You mentioned four people who are incredibly happy in their relationships."

Caption: Michael Raymond with his co-star Jennifer Morrison in the series "Once Upon Time" (2012-2016)

Source: tvguide.com

Thus, his female fans still have a chance to try their charisma on the white ethnicity star and try their luck as the star doesn't have a wife or a girlfriend or any rumors of getting married or dating any women or female co-stars.

Short Bio of Michael Raymond-James:

Michael Raymond-James was born on 24th December 1977 in  Detroit, Michigan, USA. In the year 1996, he graduated from Clarkston High School. He studied theater at  Lee StrasbergTheatre and Film Institute in New York.

He has an estimated net worth of $7.7million.

In the year 2000, he got his first movie break where he got an opportunity to work as Dill in the movie “Minor Blues” but he came into limelight from the television series “True Blood” (2008-2011) where he played the character of Rene Lenier, Britt Pollack on the show Terriers (2010) and Neal Cassidy/Baelfire in the series Once Upon A Time (2012-2016).

He has performed in various stage shows including 'The Petrified Forest' at the Pantheon Theater which is located in Los Angeles. He has given plenty of guest appearance in the series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, Medium, Boston Legal and ER.

In the year 2016 he has currently undertaken the movie project “The Finest Hour” the television project “Once Upon A Time” and Game Of Silence.