F. Gary Gray Was So Close To Get Married; The Once Perfect Dating Affair Ended

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F. Gary Gray Was So Close To Get Married; The Once Perfect Dating Affair Ended

How often have we talked about the facts that not all relationships have a fairytale ending? Quite a lot, right?

We will be discussing the very matter again, as we have another relationship to talk of, which nearly entered a marital dimension before the relationship died and the love got soured.

Famous American-African director F. Gary Gray and his former girlfriend turned fiance's relationship is what we are talking about today; their fate too didn't allow an escalation of their love life!

But what was the reason behind that? Let's take a closer look to find that out!

F. Gary Gray Once Was Close To Getting Married:

F. Gary Gray was once engaged to famous and superhot actress Elise Neal. The two got engaged to one another after dating for quite a fair amount of time.

It even seemed like their relationship could turn into a married alliance anytime soon, as the two flaunted their bond in front of the fans and the media with no major fuss.

During an interview with Essence in December 2009, when Neal was asked how the then engaged couple had the right balance in their relationship, she explained,

Because we are both really down to earth and our relationship is built on how we feel about each other, nobody really intrudes on our space. We don't care if the media appreciates us as a couple -- we're really not tripping off of the Hollywood 'hot couple' thing! I love the times I hang out with Gary and just go to the movies. Just doing normal stuff. Also, getting away for a weekend every now and then-and I'm definitely the facial and spa chick!

But despite Neal saying all that, it seems like someone had an evil eye on their relationship, or, it was jinxed; since the two called off their engagement before they could get married and share a husband-wife relationship.

Caption: F. Gary Gray with ex-girlfriend, Elise at 'The Negotiator' World Premiere in Hollywood on June 22, 1998.

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Well, the ever so going strong couple's split left people pondering as to when and why they ended their relationship. But unfortunately, no one has the answers except for Elise, Gary or their friends and family members, as they have not spilled the beans in front of the fans and the media. 

Adding to that, there are no emerging gossips about the current love life and dating aspect of Gray.

Gary's romantic union with Neal at least shoved the allegations and rumors of him being a gay; a gay man would be involved in a relationship of such dimension with a man rather than a woman, right?

One thing which everyone can agree is that Gary is highly triumphant in his career as a director because of his directional credits for "Straight Outta Compton," "The Italian Job," and plenty others.

The success of these, as well as other projects, are the reason he enjoys a whopping net worth of $10 million.

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