Fans Worried Over Paul Finebaum After He Left His Show Mid-Way; Wife Issue Or Something Else?

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Fans Worried Over Paul Finebaum After He Left His Show Mid-Way; Wife Issue Or Something Else?

After being a successful monopolist sports radio host, Paul Finebaum made his fans worried after he announced his departure from the show. The sudden decision made his fan amused and disheartened seeking for more facts behind the immediate choice.

Is the principal ground for such act revolves around his wife or is it the arousing interest for early retirement?

Exit From The Show: Is Wife The Cause Or Personal Issue?

While hosting the Paul Finebaum show in the early month of January 2017 aired on the ESPN network, Paul all of a sudden left the show midway. Though Paul did not reveal the actual reason, his close source disclosed the health issue to be the cause for the exit. His replacement, Peter Peter Burn further added enlightenment to the cause, when he said:

"Paul’s fine, by the way, I think he had some bad kale or something like that. He joked whenever he was heading out of the studio, I told him ‘You’re getting Wally Pipped,’ and he was like ‘You will never Wally Pipp me, my friend.’ Paul wants to call into the show, but I told him, I’m not taking his phone calls going forward.”

Similarly, three years earlier in the late month of May 2013, Paul Finebaum declared about packing his bag from the Birmingham sports-talk radio to join the ESPN and SEC Network in Charlotte. After working on the show since 1985, nearly for decades Paul took the major step after his wife, Linda Hudson, a doctor of internal medicine, laid the decision on his head.

Caption: At "The Paul Finebaum Show," Paul takes his hilarious fans call in the show (2014). 

Through a source, Paul revealed the personal reason to be the cause for such leap decision. He informed about the vast opportunity and successful career his wife had in Charlotte instead of Birmingham and said:

“ It was a very difficult decision for a lot of reasons, but mostly personal because of the situation with my wife. She arguably has had a much more successful career in Birmingham than I have, building a tremendous medical practice and climbing the ranks at her hospital. So that was my first concern. As the process began to develop, we talked back and forth, and as the offers were coming in, she said go for it. Without that, I wouldn't have done it. For her to tell me to take the job and move forward was the most important thing.”

Though the facts of Paul marriage didn't get revealed, he is married to Linda for more than 25 years. But before getting married, the couple met in the Birmingham Apartment Complex, and after the meeting, their married life floated, but Paul has not revealed anything about his children. With a decade-long marriage in hand, it was evident for Paul to support his wife decision through thick and thin. The step taken by Paul is an example for every married man to respect the choice and interest of woman for a healthy and prosperous married life, so we must say the decision was not taken for due to his personal issues.

Still Working, How Wealthy Is Paul?

Paul Finebaum joined the Radio network in the mid of 1980 as a commentator on the show Mark and Brian Radio Show in Birmingham. After gaining popularity from the show, Paul launched his own Radio Network “The Paul Finebaum Radio Network” and continued to work until the year 2013. With the efficiency, Paul compiled the net worth of $2 million. In the year 2013, he joined the ESPN network and is hosting a show “The Paul Finebaum show” making him earn a hefty amount of salary to sustain a wealthy life.