Former First Take's Host Jay Crawford's Blissful Married Life With His Wife and Children, Salary and Net Worth?

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Former First Take's Host Jay Crawford's Blissful Married Life With His Wife and Children, Salary and Net Worth?

If you are a sports fan, then you have surely watched sports center or at least heard about it. Jay Crawford has been a face of sports center along with Chris McKendry from 2012.

Jay Crawford has a blissful married life and his son is an athlete. He has been a supportive father and a loving husband.

Blissful Married Life, Wife, and Children !

Jay Crawford married Tracy in 1987 and has a son and a daughter: Corey Crawford and Kirstyn Crawford. Kirstyn recently got engaged to Joe Toohey who is a reporter at FOX5NY.

He is a lovable husband!

And loves his daughter dearly.

Supportive father.

Jay's motivated his Son Corey !

There was a time when Jay and his wife Tracy Crawford would send their young son, Corey to bed and had an eye on him about 30 minutes later. What they found was more surprising, they found Corey awake with a "Guinness World Records" book open widely. He would go through it every time and wait till Christmas so that he would get a revised version of it.

In gist, Records always mesmerized Corey. And now after decades Corey Crawford is a 24-year-old jumper and sprinter on the Rutgers track and field team who’s still obsessed with records only his records are not on Guinness records and he is chasing them.

A NCAA title or a world championship? Maybe the long jump world record of 29 feet, 4¼ inches? Who knows?

"I told Corey, ‘Somebody can break it,’ “said Jay Crawford, his dad. “When he was in high school his goal was 25. When he came to college his goal was 26. And now I told him, ‘Why not 28? And don’t stop there. Why not 29? Somebody’s got to do it. Why not you?

There is no denying that Corey’s father Jay is setting high bars for his son’s success and he is indeed a proud father.

“I think the dream of every parent is for their child to have more success than they did, and it’s been really fun for me to watch him become bigger, stronger and faster than me — as much as it hurts my pride and I still hate to lose.”

Short Bio, Salary and Net Worth:

Jason "Jay" Crawford (born July 4, 1965) is an American sports journalist best known as co-host for ESPN’s Sports center. Jason first joined ESPN in 2003 where he was co-host of ESPN2’s weekday morning show – Cold Pizza and its successor ESPN First Take. His net worth is $2 Million and salary are about $600 Thousand.