Gold Devotee Kyle Bass Has Millions in Net-Worth But no Girlfriend

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Gold Devotee Kyle Bass Has Millions in Net-Worth But no Girlfriend

There are very few people who made benefits from the credit crunch in 2008. Kyle Bass is one of them. You might not know Kyle Bass, the founder of Hayman Capital, made millions during the economic crisis.

Well, with whom he shares his earnings? It might be the concern for many people.

Next year, the multi-millionaire will be 48. No wonder, it’s incredulous to even think that such a successful man like Kyle may not be dating anyone. However, there are no references to his wife or girlfriend on tabloids.

Wife, Girlfriend or Gay?

What can be the cause of his lonesomeness?, Or, Is he secretly in a relationship with someone?

Being a famous personality and a renowned investor, he must have assessed how manipulative tabloids can be. Might be because of that reason, he has not disclosed his dating life on tabloids.

Turned 47 from 2016, this eccentric hedge fund manager has spent years speculating stock and commodity prices. So, it might also be possible that he hasn't dated anyone because of his busy schedule.

Whatever might be his reasons, he has drawn the attention of many people. His Dallas-based hedge fund company "Hayman Capital" has an estimated $2.22 billion in assets.

Kyle has so far remained helpful to the ordinary people who want to know about the trends and patterns of the economy. He is a regular guest on popular programs of CNBC, “Squawk Box” and “Squawk on the Street”, where he shares his information about the global economy, Federal Reserve policy, pharmaceutical patents and energy investments.

Known as “Gold Devotee,” Kyle has invested most of his assets in gold. Here is how he describes the golden metal.

"At some point in time, I would much rather own gold than paper. I view gold as another currency; I don't view it as a commodity."

Can you believe someone if he/she says Kyle has no one to share his fortune with? Of course not, right? Plus, ladies love jewellery and gold. However, many women may not like his beloved hobby of collecting semi-automatic rifles and explosives.