Grant Achatz Ended Married Life With Wife Once – Found Love Again?

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Grant Achatz Ended Married Life With Wife Once – Found Love Again?

The famous chef and restaurateur Grant Achatz, mostly known for his award-winning Chicago restaurant Alinea, is the talk of the town for his progressive cuisine. But not just his foods but his love-filled life also grabs significant attention as the chef is no less than any celebrity and importantly, he was once married.

So, today let's dwell on the personal life of Grant to get acquainted with his failed marriage and his post-married life.

Grant Achatz's Life Behind Kitchen

The American leader in molecular gastronomy, chef Grant Achatz moved to Chicago with Angella Snell, a former events coordinator at the French Laundry. In 2001, Grant and Angella welcomed their first child Kaden despite the fact that they were not married.   

At the time, Grant was suffering from a stage IV tongue cancer and a squamous cell carcinoma. Cancer threatened his life and his life-long work as he was unable to taste anything. He started medications and treatment at the University of Chicago Grant.

During his medication, Angella gave birth to their second son Keller. Afterward, the duo got married in 2006 and got divorced immediately. Not much information about Grant's ex-wife Angella has surfaced in the media till date. However, it has come to the limelight that the two sons of Grant spend quality time with their father.

Previously on 13 June 2017, Grant uploaded a picture of himself standing with his children in his Instagram account, and in the caption, he wrote that he went for a car ride with his sons. 

Took my first car ever out for a ride today with my sons. Feels about the same as it did 27 years ago, maybe a bit faster. The question is do I let the 15 yr old with his driver permit get behind the wheel?

Grant goes for a car ride with his sons Kaden and Keller (Photo: Grant Achatz's Instagram)

As for now, Grant has got rid of his cancer, and he seems to have a good life along with his two adorable sons.

Interestingly, it looks like a family member is added to his home currently. For the time being, Grant spends most of his time with the beautiful lady, Briseis Guthrie. Well, she seems to be a girlfriend of our chef as the two looks to be in a dating relationship. 

Earlier, on 25 July 2017, the couple went for a helicopter ride, and Grant shared the moment in his Instagram writing the caption as, 

Up up and away...night time helicopter ride.... @briseistdg@keller.achatz #flyvip #flyvertiport@vertiporttours

More importantly, Briseis also Instagrammed a picture of herself with Grant's family and quoted the group altogether to be a family. She simply wrote "Family portraits" in the caption that followed the picture. 

Grant and Briseis are spotted together from very before. Back on 6 May 2013 the pair attended the James Beard Foundation Awards in Avery-Fisher Hall at New York and didn't hesitate to pose for a picture together. 

Grant Achatz attends the James Beard Foundation Awards on 6th May 2013 (Photo:

Though the pictures and Instagram updates hint relationship between Grant and Briseis, neither of the partners has talked about their relationship status out loud. So, till date, it is not sure that the pairs are dating or not. Anyway, he looks to have a blissful family and seems contented to have his boys by his side.