Ice Hockey Player Scott Gomez's Extending His Contract? Or Will Divert To Get Married?

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Ice Hockey Player Scott Gomez's Extending His Contract? Or Will Divert To Get Married?

Scott Gomez is a familiar name in American hockey, a constant appearing face in the NHL game. He has been playing at the top level for more than 15 years of his career, with multiple clubs and has got an excellent scoring record. With more than 750 points and 181 goals in his career, Scott has already appeared in more than 1000 games in NHL.

But, not even someone as good as him can continue achieving that status, as Scott has finally understood that his playing days are getting over. In an interview with Rotoworld, com in 2016, he said,

 "There will never be that feeling again, of even playing a preseason NHL game. You're playing at the highest level there is. But I'm done. I'm done".

 The news of his retirement has been publically announced and has even been Tweeted by his friends.

Despite the fact that he has got a year's extension on his contract, but that doesn't mean anything more than a final year for him to lament on his successful career. Scott who started playing hockey at the age of 4 was inspired by his parents, and he has made them proud. 

Caption: Scott Gomez celebrating Stanley Cup Trophy with teammate Claude Lemieux, 2000


At 36 years of age now, Scott is a pretty happy and satisfied man especially when he looks back at his records and performances that helped him become a sensation, a success! Even his juniors and teammates can tell you what a man of character and inspiration he was to so many of them.

Scott Gomez: Dating? Girlfriend ?

As there is not a single name, picture or even rumor that suggests Scott has ever had a girlfriend nor has he had any dating affairs with any woman in any part of his life. So we can certainly be sure that there is no possibility of him getting married or having a wife in his life at the moment.

The only relationship that he has ever had is apparently with his hockey stick, and that has been very fruitful; at least his net worth of 50 million dollars suggests so!