Hunter King's Dating Affair With Boyfriend Is Heart-Warming! When Will It Escalate?

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Hunter King's Dating Affair With Boyfriend Is Heart-Warming! When Will It Escalate?

In today's world where violence has taken the toll over unimaginably; to witness people in love is soothing. Well, everybody wishes to be loved one way or the other, but again, not everyone is lucky!

Today we bring forth a very soul-stirring dating affair of the American actress, Hunter Hale Kings that will make you awestruck. Aren't you excited already to know more?

Well, let's get into it straight up!

Hunter King's Dating Affair With Her Boyfriend Is Worth Having A Look!

Famed for portraying "Adriana Masters" on Hollywood Heights, Hunter King is beautiful and has a fan following dominated by males who have a crush on her.

Unfortunately for those fans, Hunter isn't available anymore, as her heart beats for her boyfriend, Nico Svoboda. The couple just completed a year of togetherness this year on July 10, but their love seems to have no bounds.

Hunter's Instagram post on their anniversary, which she dedicated to her boyfriend, might just give you chills, as her caption is spellbinding,

"One year ago today I waited nervously by the front door for you to pick me up for our first date. And now I'm laying here with you by my side wondering how the heck I got so lucky. I prayed, and I dreamt of finding a man like you one day, but you're better than anything I ever could have dreamt of. You push me to believe in myself like you believe in me. You love me unconditionally even when I'm being stupidly emotional (hey I'm a girl....I can't help it).

You listen to all of my ideas and goals and help me figure out ways that we can make them possible. You tell me that you love me 100 times a day cause u know I love that sappy shit. NOT TO MENTION.. you are the most creative/beautifully minded person I've ever met. You see things in such a way that inspires me to look at the world differently. Everyone who knows you has nothing but amazing things to say about you. Your smile is contagious and your positive energy is so infectious that I can't help but smile whenever I'm with you. And all the million other amazing things that you do! I mean it when I say that you are the best part of my day. I love you more than any of these words could ever express. Cheers to one year baby!????"


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Hunter doesn't miss a chance to let her boyfriend know how lucky she feels to have him in her life. Here's an image Hunter shared on Nico's birthday, that speaks of her love for Nico.


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It's not just Hunter, Nico also shares the adorable moments they captured together. Their smile speaks a lot!


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Now, isn't it pleasing to witness such love? It sure is!

But when are they going to escalate their relationship into a marital bond?

Well, it's just been a bit more than a year, and they might want to take their own time in taking things further ahead!

A Glance at Hunter King's Family That Includes Her Two Lovely Sisters:

Hunter, who was born as Haley Ashley King to mother, Jamie, and father, Terry King on October 20, 1993, in California has an older and a younger sister, who she calls her family.


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Kelli king happens to be Hunter's elder sister and is a year and seven months older than Hunter, while Joey King her other sister who got named after their grandfather, Joseph is six years younger to her. All three sisters are into acting and have several acting credits to their name.

Acting isn't just the talent the King sisters possess; Hunter is very good at playing guitar, but singing and writing songs fall under their forte as well. Kelli and Joey have even written a song together, "Ramona Blue," which they recorded in 2010.

Caption: A part of Ramona Blue- Written and Sung by Kelli and Joey King.  (Published on Mar 23, 2010)

A year ago in October 2016, Hunter's sister Kelli, who is also a cyclist, met an accident as she got hit by 18 wheeler semi truck. Luckily for Kelli, nothing serious happened except for some cuts and bruises. Sister Hunter helped her sister remain occupied while Kelli was recovering at the hospital,


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Stay with us for the emerging updates on the love life of Hunter King!