Ilana Glazer Plays Some Steamy Lesbian Roles But Is It Limited To On-Screen Only? Has A Secret Boyfriend Somewhere?

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Ilana Glazer Plays Some Steamy Lesbian Roles But Is It Limited To On-Screen Only? Has A Secret Boyfriend Somewhere?

Plenty of times the actors portray their onscreen character so beautifully that they often confuse their viewers about their real personality. Actress Ilana Glazer in her series enacted her lesbian character so well that she has baffled her followers and has coaxed them to raise the question of her sexual orientation.

To clear the aroused confusion related to her lesbian character we shall be taking hold of her previous dating story followed by her current relationship.

Lesbian Love On The Screen, Any man In Real Life?

The game changer show “ Broad City” completely changed the perception of the opposite sex getting into a relationship, getting married and having children. In the series, Ilana Glazer enacts the character of a lesbian girl who goes into love at first sight with another female character played by Abbi Jacobson (Alia Shawkat) at a party.

Caption: Abbi and Ilana takes a stroll around the city while trying to take a decision in the series of "Broad City" (2009)

The secret love begins to flourish with the pace of time landing them in the sacred thread of marriage which further encouraged them to adopt a child together. In an interview with when talking about her former character before meeting Abbi, Ilana revealed about her not being a romantic person holding no family interest, she said:

“ I’m not like a conventionally romantic person, but I think our experience is the most romantic I could ever be, where it’s like.  Yeah, the promise of something, thinking something’s going to be there. We got married, you know what I mean? I’m like, Oh, I get it when people do it in a conventional sense. You believe that you can build something.  And there’s a synergy—people get married and have kids. And talk about the potential of fucking kids! That’s what this show is. It’s inside two separate people at first.”

While in an interview with Ilana explained about her getting intimated with several individuals who are a part of her character and a lot more smarter than her. She said:

“I have sex with people different from me. Different colours, different shapes, different sizes. Individuals who are hotter, people who are uglier. More smart; not more smart. Innies, outies. I don’t know, a Catholic person.”

Likewise, her on-screen love had fumbled her real life which made her followers raised several questions on her real dating experience. When going through her dating experience, Ilana has not revealed anything about her personal dating experience nor has spoken about her current man in her life. But when asked about the character of a man by she said:

“No men work on Broad City. Don’t fuck a dude because you think he works on Broad City. If he tells you he writes for a late-night show, though, he’s probably telling the truth. “

Even while going through her social media we came across several pictures with her male and female colleges followed by her family images.



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But with the shared image of two babies, we are in a huge dilemma whether these two little kids are her children or nephews.


#tbt im exHAUSted w angel el and mama

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Following, Ilana has also shared a picture of her video conversation with a man @homoscedasticity through Instagram where her fan followers have acknowledged them to be a cute and adorable couple.


#tbt vchat w @homoscedasticity who i miss

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As a white ethnicity star born to American parents, Sandi Wexler and Larry Glazer, Ilana has completely kept her personal life especially her relationship life away from the reach of media, so there exist a strong illusion about her secret marriage with the anonymous man or boyfriend with whom she is sharing a video conversation. But as the actress has never got spotted with any female in any of the awkward situation she is of straight sexual orientation with a relationship tag of single. 

With so much of success at her door step from the movie  and series, “How to Follow Strangers” and “Broad City” Ilana has accumulated to gain the net worth of $3 million which we are sure would incline as she has undertaken several movie projects like “Rock that body”, and “The Emoji Movie”  for the year 2017.