India Westbrooks Dating The A-Listers! Has a Boyfriend Now?

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India Westbrooks Dating The A-Listers! Has a Boyfriend Now?

There might be several perceptions for boys to be lured towards a woman. Among those perceptions, beauty is always a primary aspect for a guy to be attracted towards any woman. So, beautiful women are always at the focal point of every guy.

The Instagram model, India Westbrook is one of those beautiful ladies who is encircled by the boys having wide fame. As mentioned above, she is undoubtedly in a focal point of every guy. Being very enticing, India is not just opted by struggling artists but is also spotted in the relationship with different high profiled guys.

Henceforth, lets put an eagle eye on India Westbrooks relationship situation!

India Westbrooks: High Profiled Guys Enticed Towards Her Beauty!

As of now, India Westbrook is said to be dating William Leonard Roberts who is famously known as Rick Ross. Her relationship with William became speculative after the pair was spotted partying in New York City in February 2017. On the specious occasion of Ross's birthday, India flew to the big apple, and both of them were enacting as like a couple.


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Well, is this just a fling or a beginning of the serious relationship between them? Perhaps it will be clear by the time.

Beside Rick Ross, India was rumored to be infatuated towards Lil Yachty. To captivate India's heart, Lil Yachty sang a song 'OH LOVE' which was completely dedicated to India Westbrooks. Furthermore, the pair together appeared in "Forever Young" music video where both of them were seen enjoying an exciting amusement park date.

Caption: Lil Yachty and India Westbrooks on  "Forever Young" music video (Published on August 4, 2017)

Back in 2016, India, a Tumblr blogger, ignited a dating life with a Canadian singer, Drake, who is popular for his romantic relationship with Rihana. Taking account of their relationship, India's sister Crystal Westbrooks wasn't happy as Drake was her ex-boyfriend.

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Before Drake, India was dating UCLA football player Ron Robinson. The pair had such a good relationship that Ron provided India an apartment. 

As per sources, Ron was paying apartment bills in L.A for three or four months. However, they broke up, and Ron stopped paying bills because of which India returned to her parents home.

Meanwhile, in December of 2016, the reality star, India, famously known for her role in 'Love & Hip-Hop' and 'The Westbrooks,' grabbed huge media attention after her sex tape was leaked. 

The internet went crazy when the other person in the video was a woman rather than any of her ex-boyfriends. Though the co-star in the tape remains mysterious, the existence of India in the video was confirmed by the LA tattoo on her butt. 

India Westbrooks: Short Wiki

The famous blogger, television personality and a model, India Westbrooks, who resides in Compton California, was born in the year 1996. Well, she celebrates her birthday every year on 3rd February. India who possess African- American, Spanish, Creole ethnicity completed her schooling from Santiago High School in California.

Raised with four sisters; Brooke, Morgan, Bree, and Crystal, India created Tumblr in 2011 and has been an internet sensation since then. As of now, India is most notable as an Instagram model with more than 3.5 million followers. 

At the age of 21, India has already garnered huge fame and popularity.  After being engaged in the different realm of reality series and advertisement of clothes, India retains a wonderful net worth. However, her earnings is still a mystery.