Irene Cara: Divorced Her Stuntman Husband in 1991, What About Her Married Life and Children? Where is She Now?

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Irene Cara: Divorced Her Stuntman Husband in 1991, What About Her Married Life and Children? Where is She Now?

Maybe things did not work out between Irene Cara and her stuntman husband. She is a versatile personality with talents like singing, songwriting, and acting whereas on the other hand; her husband was a stuntman. The profession of both the couple was exactly opposite. So let’s know more about her and know if we can find out more about her affair.

Personal Life: Married, Husband, Divorce Reason and Children

Irene Cara married and made Conard E. Palmisano her husband on April 13th, 1986. The couple turned their relationship into husband and wife relationship at a park from where the gigantic Pacific Ocean could be seen in Palos Verdes.

However, as per a publicist named Mitchell Schneider, the reception was held at the Ambassador Hotel. The wedding was attended by about 250 of the couple’s friends and families.

Looking back in time, the couple’s first meet was in 1984 on the set of "A Certain Fury" where her now ex-husband Conard Palmisano was the stunt coordinator.

Caption: Irene Cara's former husband Conrad E. Palmisano.


After the marriage, her ex-husband was the president of stuntmen’s association and was directing his own movie. He also starred his wife in Busted Up which released on January 23, 1987. The couples did not produce any children, and in just about half a decade, they decided to go separate ways and divorced in 1991.

Her Current Whereabouts: Any Boyfriend?

Until today, her life has been a solo ride with no news about her dating anyone. She has monotonously focused on her career and do so has gained its perks for her. The 57 years old Irene Cara has released three albums till now with numerous soundtrack appearances.

In 1983, Cara won an Oscar(Academy) Award for Best Songs, Two Grammys, Golden Globe Awards for Best Original Song and American Music Awards for a song called "Flashdance… What A Feeling", which was the title song for the movie Flashdance.

Caption: Flashdance What a Feeling - Irene Cara

Her Net Worth?

With a fantastic career like this and a net worth of $2 million dollars, we do not think that Irene is in any need of a man to support her but then again, she might need a companion with whom she can start a family.

Maybe she will fall in love someday and make someone lucky enough to be her husband, have a son like her husband or a daughter like herself and live her days even more happily.

Right now, Irene is all about her career, and according to her Twitter post this year in June, she has been releasing music videos.