J.D. Scott And His Dating Affair With Girlfriend Is No Less Than A Married Couple!

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J.D. Scott And His Dating Affair With Girlfriend Is No Less Than A Married Couple!

J.D. Scott, who is popular as the host of HGTV has struggled all his way to achieving the success he enjoys at his date. Besides his career success, he has also been enjoying a successful love life. There is no hidden secret that J.D. Scott is in a relationship, as he keeps his dating and affair alive through social media.

Today, let’s take a peek into J.D Scott’s personal life and have a look at his blessed relationship with his partner.

Scott’s Blissful relationship!

No doubt J.D. Scott is talented and good looking and has a fulfilled career as well. If you follow him over on different social networking sites, you will able to see his pictures with his girlfriend, Annalee Belle, who is a model. He has been dating Annalee since March 2015.

Recently, on March 23, 2017, the pair celebrated their two year anniversary and shared their image on Instagram. 

Similarly, on May 30, 2017, J.D posted a short Instagram video of him and her girlfriend Annalee taken in front of a huge guitar. He shared the video with caption-

“I had the absolute best day with my lady love @annaleebelle. We hit up delicious food, a flower market, an amazing movie, adventures the likes only Deadpool has had and finally great conversation in a nice hot bath. ?? #Perfection”

Annalee too shares her image with J.D. on her Instagram. On the occasion of J.D.’s birthday, Annalee shared a picture with J.D with a caption which stated-

“Happy birthday to my incredible partner, @mrjdscott! ???? I can't wait to see my boo thang tomorrow! It's truly going to be a celebration of his life. I'm so thankful to be part of it. ????”

If you start further stalking, you can see many pictures of the duo where they look cute together. The pair enjoys photo shoots and love posing together, which is evident through an image JD shared from their recent photoshoot back on May 1, 2017, where he wrote-

“Photoshoots are fun. Photoshoots with my love, doubly so. And the debut of my pink @opposuits duds! Photo by: @radiant_inc at @clairbnb. #Cheers”

There is also another picture of them from their shoot shared by J.D. on his official Instagram account on April 19, 2017.

As J.D has a crystal clear love life, he is at least not the victim of gay rumors which are usually surfaced when a person finds no any evidence of a celebrities’ love life.

However, we are excited to see him enjoying a blissful relationship with his wife. Aren’t you one of them who is eagerly waiting to see J.D getting married?

Stay with us for the emerging updates on the love life of J.D. Scott!