J.J. Totah Wiki: Age and Other Facts About The Gay Star That Just Might Inspire You

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J.J. Totah Wiki: Age and Other Facts About The Gay Star That Just Might Inspire You

The best preparation that one can do for tomorrow is giving your best today, and it seems this is what J.J. Totah has been doing that since his childhood. The young star, who has determined a long way in the industry, has been able to land on the hearts of many.

There are a lot of interesting facts Totah has to share which might inspire you. We shall have a look at his wiki like bio and with the facts of this young gay star.

Fight With Self To Come Out As Gay; A Total Inspiration:

With no doubts, the young comedian J.J.Totah has a lot of interesting facts which can be added to his wiki, but along with that, he can be a great inspiration and has been motivating many.

In an article, the 15 years old star shared in and out about his sexuality. In its content, we can get to know a little more than we have known about this comedian. Mentioning about his childhood in the article, he said,

“My whole life, I've struggled with being myself. Ever since I was young, I was taught that you were born with a gender and you must live by it. You talk the way that gender talks. You do the things that gender does. If you were a boy, you'd play sports. If you were a girl, you'd dress up and play with Barbies. There was a line in the sand with no middle, no gray area, no room for something different.”

As of now, we can see Totah sharing pictures with his friends on his Instagram, but before, the California native stated how he used to hide things and how isolated he used to be during his school days.


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But as time passed by, he grew up and “It Gets Better” campaign started, which made him more confident and motivated, and today, everyone appreciates him and his work. 

Furthermore, the one advice that Totah wants to give to each and every one who is facing problems with their own identity and also fighting for that is to come out openly. He said,

“In order for me to live the life I knew I wanted, it was up to me to be the change. So I urge all of you to do the same. Whether you're lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, metrosexual, pansexual, straight, or kinda straight, wear that pink sequin top and ballet jelly flats, and OWN it.”

And that is something right? Undoubtedly many have got inspired because

“you don't have to be L, G, B, or T. You can be the whole frickin' alphabet.”

Know More About Totah:

Born on August 5, 2000, (age15), J.J.Totah started his acting career in 2012. The comedian, who holds American nationality, was born to parents Christine Totah and Suheil Totah.


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Prior to his acting career, he started making YouTube videos at a very young age of 6. He did a guest appearance in the shows like Kroll Show (2012), The Exes (2014), New Girl (2014) and has recurring roles in Jessie (2013-2015), ”Sofia the First (2014) and so on.

His recent work in 2017 is “Spider-man: Homecoming.”

Caption: J.J.Totah remained tight-lipped about “Spider-man: Homecoming.” (Published on Sep 30, 2016)

His future projects are Champions and Magic Camp which is yet to be announced. As he has a long way to go, we would like to wish him the height of success shortly. 

Stay with us for the emerging updates on J.J. Totah!