Jacque Gonzales - Former QVC Host Is Married And Has A Husband! But Her Age Deceives It All

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Jacque Gonzales - Former QVC Host Is Married And Has A Husband! But Her Age Deceives It All

Beauty is regarded as God's handwriting, and the people who get blessed with it are deemed to be his beautiful creations. The former QVC host Jacque Gonzales is one of that lovely creation of the lord, for whom the age factor doesn't seem to be the limit!

Jacque, who was enrolled in QVC for fifteen years before leaving the team in the early second quarter of this year, has a blissful family with her husband and they together parent a 10-year-old daughter.

Notwithstanding this fact, the lady still seems young, attractive and equally active like the lasses, who are much younger than her. Today, let's take a look at the personal life of Jacque and find out some fascinating details about her and her family!

Beautiful Jacque Gonzales And Her Ravishing Family:

While Jacque's age may disguise people for her having dating affairs with a boyfriend; she is a family person who has a plenty of experience supporting her family. She married her husband, Jim in June 2004, two years after joining the shopping channel QVC. And up until now, she has been maintaining a profound bond with him.

The couple celebrated their 13th marriage anniversary this year in June, during which the beautiful lady shared an old picture on Instagram. The snap indeed captured one of their memorable moments from their nuptials, while they can be spotted in their wedding dress sharing a kiss.


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Moreover, the lucky husband also received a love message on his birthday last year in January.

Their family also includes their daughter Theresa Noelle, who the couple welcomed on December 1, 2006. She shared a tweet wishing her daughter on her ninth birthday back on 2015, flaunting her love for her daughter.

Additionally, she also seems to be a caring daughter of her 87-year-old Alaska native mother, Connie.

Having known all this, you might now be wondering about the age of this beautiful lady, right?

Well, Jacque, who celebrates her birthday on 14th of August every year, seems to be in her late 40s or early 50s, which is slightly more than what she had wished on her 2013's birthday.

Jacque's Career At A Glance:

Jacque's career of nearly 33 years began as a radio personality from her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She later moved to Kansas City, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Dallas and New York City as a programmer in radio and spent nearly 18 years in the field.

In July 2002, she switched to television and began working as a host on TV shopping Network QVC based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Similar to her previous career as a radio personality, it was a long tenure for her in the television as well, as she left QVC just in May this year.

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