7News' Anchor Jadiann Thompson's Wiki: Age, Height, Salary Plus Her Personal Life

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Jadiann Thompson is the reporter working at... She has won ... Emmy awards for her job as a... She is well rewarded for her job with a salary payment of... she is currently rumored to be dating...
7News' Anchor Jadiann Thompson's Wiki: Age, Height, Salary Plus Her Personal Life

A three-time Emmy award winner, Jadiann Thompson has all the beauty, talent and charm to win over numerous viewers with her killer smile and an attractive personality.

Amidst her appearance on the television, the reporter has been "the apple of the eye" taking her impressive career graph consisting of widely covered high-profile stories. While the journalist's career is open book to all, her personal life resides in total opposite dimension; the journalist prefers to layer down her dating secrets for all. 

From being rumored to be dating a fellow gay reporter to terming a mysterious guy as "date", the 7 News anchor has much more to tell! 

7 News Anchor’s Wiki: Age, Height, and Salary

A 2007 graduate of the University of Arkansas on journalism, she joined 7News in June of 2015. Before that, she worked as an anchor for the NBC affiliate in Kansas City.

At 33 years of age, Jadiann stands at the peak of her career today, the anchor has 3 Emmy awards in her cabinet, which only a few can boast about in the journalism world.

Receiving her first Emmy award as the best anchor while working in the Midwest Region, Jadiann further won two more for her investigative piece about WiFi hacking in Phoenix and for her investigation at how the FAA should consider allowing passengers to use cell phones in flights.

Jadiann Thompson on her anchoring duties at 7News (Photo:

Celebrating her birthday on March 22, the anchor presents a new insight into the world of television with a beautiful face standing at a decent height and possessing an attractive personality.

Her career success has brought an enormous change in her earnings with her salary ranging to be above average in and amongst the 7News anchors. The reported salary that NBC 7 pays to its employees on average amounts to $50K. With her evening show widely enjoyed by her viewers, the anchor seems justified to demand a salary above the average paycheck.

Dating Rumors With Fellow Gay Reporter; New Guy As "Date"

Jadiann Thompson, at her mid-thirties, remains to be unmarried painting the portfolio of a public figure, who likes to enjoy her own space. With her low-key behavior of keeping her personal life at bay, her dating rumors are also out of media's reach questioning whether there is one or not.

However, a rumor broke in that she might be dating her co-anchor Ryan Schulteis after an interview she gave to The Improper Bostonian in 2017. The actress replied when asked to reveal a secret about her co-anchor Ryan.

“ I can’t! He’s my work husband! But I will tell you that he and I are very close, and we have developed a way of nonverbally communicating when we’re working together.”

But after clarifications came regarding Ryan to be gay, the rumor cleared out. However, it is hard to imagine that such an attractive looking lady is still single in her mid-thirties. She did happen to break some hearts after she posted a picture on Instagram with a guy terming him as her date.

Jadiann Thompson with a guy she called 'her date' in an Instagram image. (Photo: jadianntv'Instagram)

The guy can be seen in multiple Instagram post of the former teacher, strengthening rumors that she might be maintaining a low-key dating life with the guy. With her professional career heading at a rapid pace to unprecedented heights, Jadiann might also be taking couple goals to a new "height."